2013 was a big year for social media, with Twitter coming out with an IPO and Facebook recovering from its last year’s disaster on the Wall Street. We also saw the rise of Vine and a totally new social network, Snapchat cropping up and being valued at $3-4 billion.

A lot of things have changed in the social media world over the last one year. To give you a gist, here’s a roundup of some awesome social media posts published in the year 2013 that caught our attention:

From the Social Media Jungle

How the World Consumes Social Media – Mashable shared this infographic containing a goldmine of insights on the most popular social media networks. Such information can help social media marketers in making informed decisions regarding budget allocation across various platforms, and determining the amount of time and effort to be devoted to each of them.

How to Choose the Most Effective Social Media Platform for Your Brand [INFOGRAPHIC] – Did you know that Youtube is the #2 social network in terms of active user base after Facebook? This infographic presents a very crisp guide on figuring out where your potential target audience is spending most of their time. Having a match in the type of content, choice of network, your value proposition and the taste of the audience is extremely important, and this is a perfect way of starting out with that process.

It’s Time for Truth on Social Media – This Mashable Op-Ed piece opines that the power of spreading information no longer rests only in the hands of a select few (news journalists). Instead, the “commoners” now spread more information through social media. A catch here is that this may not always be verifiable. That said, social media sites like Twitter and Facebook are a fabulous source of getting first-hand information.

4 Ways to Use Social Media to Generate Leads – Smart marketers know the importance of being in the right place at the right time. So when most of your target set is spending hours every day on social media, it makes perfect sense to follow them there. Some innovative ways suggested here for generating more leads are Twitter chats, Linkedin groups and Google+ Hangouts.

Why: The Most Important Question in Social Business – We’re witnessing a huge clutter arising out of the millions of tweets, pins, posts or vines on social networks. How do you make a dent in such a seemingly-saturated ecosystem? Simple. By asking the right questions, building a community through engaging in meaningful conversations, creating lasting relationships and sharing content that adds value!

30 Terrible Pieces of Social Media Advice You Should Ignore – Some common myths about social media busted by HubSpot. It’s a good idea to have a hang of social media yourself before approaching an external ‘social media expert’.

How to Use Content + Social Media for Link Building – If you’re not using social media for scaling up your link building efforts and identifying potential link building outreach opportunities, you might be missing the bus.

9 Creative Ways to Use Social Media to Launch a Product – Some great tips for using social media while launching a product, but the prerequisite is having access to an already-built community. Why pay for a press release when all you need for getting your message across is logging onto your social media accounts and start posting?

Social Media ROI: Why Are Most Companies Still Not Measuring It? – This post explores the most common reasons for absence of a mechanism for measuring social media ROI in general. Though the concept of social media ROI is as old as social media itself, most companies haven’t been able to establish a clear strategy for measuring it properly. The main reasons for this are: a fear of revelations, lack of will, lack of tools to measure and being clueless about the relevant data.

12 Stupid Simple Ways To Find Content To Share On Your Social Channels – A list of obvious-sounding but often overlooked tips for finding great content to share with your social friends and followers. Smart work always works and triumphs over the gruelling task of creative brainstorming every time you set out to share something on your social media page.

How to Become Internet Famous for $68 – This one surely makes for an interesting read. The author set out to experiment with a fake profile on Twitter and garnered followers (paid), tweets and retweets to give an impression of an authority figure. They managed to collect 85K followers and even embedded a fake Twitter verified logo in the wallpaper!

Should You Take a Break From Social Media on Your Vacation? – Ever tried an “off the grid” social media break with your vacation? It’s certainly a matter of personal choice and boils down to what kind of vacation you’re looking at.

1 in 4 Young Adults Regret Social Media Posts, Survey Says – ”Think before you post” is the new version of “think before you speak.” Posting a comment or tweet and regretting it later is becoming pretty common these days. It’s recommended to be thoughtful of what you’re letting out, check your privacy settings and limit the outflow of personal information.

6 Clever Tricks for Social Media Managers – This resource identifies the most common pain points of a typical social media manager and provides remedies on how to go about overcoming them.

5 Lessons to Sync Social Media With Your Email Strategy – Most companies have separate units responsible for social media and email marketing. But this is not an ideal situation to have as the target audience for both these channels are different and should be handled accordingly.

10 Hot Social Networks to Watch – While the inclusion of Vine on this list is a no-brainer, a few others like Pose, Viddy and Days being niche social networks are surely surprise entrants on this list.


The Social Media giant that is Google+ [Infographic] – Google+ has certainly emerged as one of the hottest growth stories in the social media world in the recent past. Over a period of 9 months, the user base grew by around 33%, and the fastest growing user segment is that of 45-54 year olds.

9 Brands That Are Perfecting Google + Hangouts – Google + Hangouts has emerged as a potent tool for anyone willing to broadcast to a wide audience and maintaining the personalization that Youtube lacks. Here’s a list of nine brands that have leveraged this new weapon in the social media marketer’s arsenal for growing their business.

How to Breathe Life into Your Google+ Profile – Most businesses that are having a Google+ profile are not leveraging the most out of it. Google+ can help you in segmenting your customers using circles, building a community and improving clickthroughs on Google SERPs (through authorship).

Google + Communities: A Beginner’s Guide – Google + communities are the social network’s version of a group or forum, with the aim of bringing together like-minded users. A lot of marketers might not be aware of this feature – precisely the reason to start immediately!


8 Ways to Optimize Your Pinterest Presence – E-commerce and Pinterest have a strong relationship, with 20% of all social media referrals to retail coming from the popular network. Pinterest referrals are known to spend more money than any of the other major social media websites and have a 50% higher conversion rate than any other referring sources. These are some handy tips to increase your Pinterest following and boost revenues.

3 Simple Tips to Increase Your Following on Pinterest – Some quick and easy tips to increase your Pinterest following today: 1) Start posting on group boards, 2) Make it easy for others to pin your website/blog’s images and graphics and 3) Integrate other social media channels with Pinterest.


Blue images, duck face and other secrets for getting more Instagram likes [Study] – Doing Instagram religiously but yet to acquire a large number of likes? You’re not alone. Here are some great tips that can help you in getting more likes for your Instagram page!

5 Instagram Marketing Tips To Gain Brand Awareness – Instagram is growing rapidly to become a mammoth platform for brands to gain a larger audience. This post highlights the ways by which you, as a marketer, can reach and gain more prospective customers.

The 5-Minute-A-Day Instagram Marketing Plan – Do you think managing an additional social media channel is time-consuming? This 5-minute-a-day marketing plan can help you in revitalizing your deserted Instagram pages without any serious time commitments.

No Resume, No Cover Letter — Instagram Scored the Job – Job seekers are always looking at innovative ways of getting hired. One such person, Clark Walker used Instagram to land up a job.

Foursquare, Myspace and Vine

Foursquare: The Red-Headed Stepchild Of Social Or A Local Marketing Ally? – Foursquare is a wonderful tool to monitor what actual visitors think about your local stores. Their interesting concept of “mayors” for each town or city can bring in more business as residents try to catch up with others and beat them at the number of check-ins at a particular place or business establishment.

The New Myspace: Music Meets Social, Done Right – This year Myspace seemingly made a last-ditch effort to gain back its inactive user base by coming up with a brand new avatar. Myspace is now trying to position itself as a social network for music lovers, incorporating a music player that interacts with the site content extremely well.

Brands that use Vine: five great vs. five bad examples – A lot of small and big businesses are now hopping on to the bandwagon to discover the hidden potential of Vine as a brand-building and loyalty-inducing medium. It’s always a good idea to be inspired by others’ successes and to learn from the mistakes of those who’re just doing it wrong.


7 Ways to Be Insufferable on Facebook – Huffington Post present the anatomies of the most annoying status updates on Facebook and the reasons behind them. According to them, the least annoying statuses should either be interesting and informative or funny and entertaining.

The Role of News on Facebook – Facebook recently modified its EdgeRank algorithm to favor news results rather than brand updates. This article makes an interesting read as it was written towards the end of October when Facebook was yet to announce these changes. It highlights some research findings of the Pew Research Centre on the increasing propensity of readers towards reading news on Facebook.

Facebook favors ‘high-quality’ articles over memes in updated news feed algorithm – This was a major update that Facebook made to its EdgeRank algorithm following which, news updates were given preference while showing in the feed over memes and brand page updates.

Facebook Marketing For Small Business: Dying Or Already Dead? – Team Facebook has made it clear with their recent algorithm updates that they mean business. And now it’s getting incrementally difficult for small businesses to catch their customers’ eyeballs on the popular social network without paying for ads.

Easy Ways To Get (Targeted) Facebook Fans For Your Business Page – Buying fans sounds like an easy proposition to many marketers for boosting the number of ‘likes’ on their pages. However such shortcuts can affect your page’s EdgeRank. Here’s a list of some oft-ignored and ridiculously simple tips to get more relevant users to like your page.

20+ Tips to Ensure You Never Run Out of Interesting Facebook Content Ideas – Facing a writer’s block every time you sit to update your company’s Facebook page? Here are a few interesting tips to ensure that you always have something to write about.

How mutuality can pacify facebook’s brand-bullies – Bullying and bad-mouthing brands has become too commonplace on social media today. But having content that adds value to the reader can help you tackle with brand-bullies easily.

Facebook Brand Pages Suffer 44% Decline in Reach Since December 1 – Want proof that even brands creating interesting content on Facebook are being penalized by the latest update? Head over to see the findings of this research, highlighting the implications across 21 unnamed brands.

Do Facebook’s New Verified Pages Add Brand Value? – Facebook was pretty late in taking cues from Twitter to launch its own version of verified pages. Although they certainly add credibility to your brand, it remains to be seen if your followers really care.

5 Reasons Millennials Are Quitting Facebook – Millennials are moving on from Facebook to newer social media networks like Vine and Instagram. Mashable presents a bunch of valid reasons for this recent and growing phenomenon.

5 Facebook Fan Page Problems and How to Fix Them – Mastering Facebook isn’t an easy task, but a few who have overcome the most common problems can fully leverage this platform.

10 Easy Ways to Get More Facebook Likes for Your Business Page – Every social media marketer, including those employed in the B2B sector, can’t ignore the potential of a Facebook community from the point of view of brand perception.

The Things We Did And Said In 2013, According To Facebook – Did you know that Pope Francis was the most talked about person on Facebook this year? Facebook has come up with a list of topics that were most talked about globally in the year 2013. They have also come up with a lists based on the number of check-ins made globally, top life events and the most talked about topics in the US.


5 Ways Twitter Chats Can Help Your Business – Some Twitter hashtags have become so commonplace nowadays that they can be compared to the erstwhile chat rooms! Engaging in one-to-one conversations with clients and prospects along a common hashtag can certainly help you in winning business.

How to Increase your Twitter Engagement by 324% [Infographic] – Quick Sprout’s Neil Patel came up with this nifty infographic with amazing bite-sized tips for increasing your Twitter engagement by manifolds.

Dear Twitter Guy: This Is Why You Lost My Business – Sending out tweets and building an engaging one-to-one relationships with your followers are two different things. Obviously a two-way dialogue is far more enriching than a unidirectional one. Here’s one such case where ignorance of a tweet addressed to you can cause you a lost opportunity, no matter how insignificant it may be!

9 Simple and Powerful Ways to Get More Retweets on Twitter (Report) – Some simple tips for getting more retweets on Twitter. Key takeaways: use images, tweet between 10-11 PM, Sundays get you more retweets, use more hashtags, enable picture previews.

Using Twitter to Find Link Prospects – It’s no news that good ol’ link building has died at the hands of Google’s frequent algorithm updates. But you can still use Twitter to find prospects for your link building outreach programs and build organic links.

Know your Twitter etiquette: 6 guidelines for hassle-free tweeting – Many marketers think they’re being unsuccessful at Twitter due to the clutter. But it’s in fact possible to steer through the chatter and build a genuine following by using these guidelines.

This Year on Twitter – Twitter trends have lately become an absolute mirror of the latest happenings all over the real world. Twitter published a report in the form of a blog post regarding tweets having the highest number of retweets. Also check out the 2013 #YearOnTwitter.


5 Tips for Maximizing LinkedIn for Your Business – Although it’s the world’s #1 network for professionals, Linkedin is seriously underleveraged by most businesses. Even if some businesses are using Linkedin abundantly for hiring, most of them are yet to tap into the network for generating leads, getting introductions or creating and maintaining business relationships.

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Mastering LinkedIn – A list of 34 things that you can do today to give your Linkedin efforts a much-needed makeover!

Responsible, Strategic, Creative: The Most Overused Buzzwords on LinkedIn in 2013 – Did you know that Linkedin users from Netherlands used the word “sustainable” most in 2013? Check out other such insights that can potentially help you in deciding whether to avoid or adopt certain words into your profiles and status updates.

We hope you enjoyed reading this roundup as much as we enjoyed while creating it. Did we miss out anything great? Please let us know by posting in the comments section below. Also check out the Top 10 Social Media Blogs: The 2013 Winners!