Are Your Facebook Ads Getting Rejected?

Are you looking for ways to prevent rejection and get your ads approved on Facebook?

There are many reasons why Facebook rejects ads placed by marketers. Some reasons are very obvious, but oftentimes it is hard to understand why the ads got disapproved. If you are stuck in a similar situation, don’t despair!

In this article we will explore How to prevent rejection and get the Facebook ads approved!

Why Post Ads on Facebook?

The simple answer is – Facebook ads are instrumental to any social media marketing campaign.

Social media offer numerous opportunities for the marketers to increase exposure and attract attention towards their brands. It also helps them generate leads and improve sales. Facebook remains the marketers’ first choice when it comes to social media marketing and there are several reasons for this. Let’s have a look:

  • An average American spends almost 40 minutes per day on Facebook (for sharing and liking content)
  • Facebook users ‘Like’ more than 4.1 million posts, photos, status update every minute.
  • 1.65 billion people log onto Facebook every month – Statista
  • 1.51 billion people visit Facebook via their mobile devices – Statista

So by leveraging the advertising opportunities on this social media platform, you can reach out to a huge community and improve your brand awareness and increase leads and sales.

Yet there are only 2 million active advertisers on Facebook! This means a lot of businesses still aren’t thinking about harnessing the potentials of this social media giant; or they lost interest since their ads got rejected again and again.

If you are among the second bunch, we will help you understand why your Facebook ads got rejected and how you can overcome the dilemma.

Reasons Why Facebook Ads Get Rejected and How to Overcome It

Being the most popular social media platform, Facebook strives to provide its users with the high quality, compelling and relevant ads, so that they have an excellent user experience. So in order to get your ads approved, make sure you adhere to Facebook’s advertising rules, ALWAYS!

But oftentimes ads get rejected even if they were created according to the guidelines, why? Let’s us get into the details.

1. Improper Landing Pages

This is one of the most common reasons why ads get rejected on Facebook. Facebook requires the advertisers to show the products (that you or your company is dealing with) clearly in the ads. The landing pages for Facebook ads must also depict the same. If there are any discrepancies between the ad and the landing, consider your ad terminated!

BarkilyApp - Facebook Ad with Proper Landing Page

Facebook not only examines the ads, but it is vigilant about the landing pages as well. Thus your landing pages must not contain pop ups neither should it stop users from navigating away from it. If you don’t have a well-designed or engaging landing page, you can direct your users towards a relevant Facebook page as well.

Take Away: Make sure the landing pages match the concept of the Facebook ads. The landing page should offer a good user experience and must not interfere with the normal navigation.

2. Capitalizing Words

Capitalizing words that you think are important for the viewers can also get your ads rejected. Using words in capital make the ads look like spam and it becomes distracting for the users. Facebook is strongly concerned about the quality of the website, so they won’t allow any kind of distractions that would lower the quality of user experience.

Take Away: Using short forms like NFL is okay, but refrain from capitalizing words. Choose words carefully and construct your ads in a way that they attract maximum attention.

3. 20% Text Rule

Even though there are many rules and guidelines to be followed, most marketers fret over the 20% text rule. However, there is good news for them – The 20% rule is no longer applicable to the text on Facebook ad images. Facebook withdrew the ‘grid tool’ and it has become even more complicated as to how much text you must include on your Facebook ads to attract maximum attention.

Now your ads will now fit into one of the four classifications:

  • Ok
  • Low
  • Medium
  • High

Aruba Titans of Tomorrow

Numbers, logo text and watermarks are counted as text on your image, irrespective of their alignment or size. However there are some exceptions (text that is not counted as text) like infographics, book covers, legal text, posters of movies, sports events, music festivals, etc.

So be very careful about the type of text you use on your Facebook ad images, since too much text can get your ads rejected.

Take Away: Consider the audience you are targeting and determine how much content your Ad image should contain. Avoid using too much text, since it can limit your reach considerably.

4. Deceptive Content, Offers and/or Discounts

This simply means if your advertisement says, get the best desserts, it should talk about desserts and not ingredients or appliances that help you make the best desserts.
This also applies for deals and discounts that you offer. Upon arriving on the landing page, the users must be able to find the same deals and discounts. In case your landing page talks about something totally different than what the ads say, you can get your account terminated.

Example of a Facebook ad offering a deal:

Jasper's Market - Discount offer

If we take the example of this particular ad that claims providing a discount of $10 on the first order users place, then the landing page must help the users get the discount (if they place their orders for the first time).

So it is necessary that you scrutinize every part of your ad as well as your landing page to make sure your visitors don’t get mislead or confused.

Take Away: Make sure the deals and discounts you claim in your ads are real. The landing pages should also talk about the same deals and discounts and help the users take advantage of the claims you make.


If your ads are rejected you will be informed through an email by the Facebook team. This email will also contain the reasons why the ad(s) got rejected; if you get confused as to why the ads were not approved, you can get in touch with the Facebook customer service to get further clarification.

However, even if the ads get rejected, you will get a chance to make appropriate changes and publish it again. But if you are not allowed to edit (which keeps happening), you will have to create fresh ads all over again. No matter what, never try to fool the system. Many people have tried with dire consequences.

Follow the rules and keep the above points in mind and you can overcome rejections successfully.

  • Mansi Dhorda is a SEO Analyst at E2M. She specializes in the implementation of highly effective link building strategies for clients all over the world.