8 Things to Watch Out for in 2014, How SEO is Changing

Google has dramatically transformed the SEO landscape over the past several years. With updates like Panda, Penguin, the exact match domain update, link devaluation, the unnatural link penalty, and now Hummingbird, SEO has changed forever. As Google continues to introduce more ranking signals like behavioral data analysis, machine learning-based content analysis, and who knows what… Continue reading

Beauty and the Beast: A Quick Why & How of Content Creation for Marketers

Not another lecture extoling the virtues of useful, interesting, shareable content, you scream! Nope. Take it easy. I’m only trying to help here. Call it good or call it evil, thanks to the composition of search engines’ algorithms and hitherto-overused questionable marketing techniques, content creation is now an inseparable part of your digital marketing strategy…. Continue reading

E2M Eagle’s Eye – 29 Nov 2013

There is a definite shift in marketers’ articles, post Hummingbird, towards covering semantic SEO and analyzing how Google attempts to pre-empt and handle search queries. We have a couple of those, and some good others from around the web for you to ponder over.   Semantic SEO Talk With The Experts http://www.hitreach.co.uk/blog/semantic-seo-talk/ Patrick Hathaway of… Continue reading

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