E2M Eagle’s Eye – 01 Nov 2013

The marketing mavens and digital doyens have returned from PubCon, told their tales and made their predictions. But here we cover the other posts – the ones that mostly hid from the limelight.   How to Build a Community on Reddit: Q&A with Clayburn Griffin (@Clayburn) http://www.searchdecoder.com/how-to-build-a-community-on-reddit/ How many of you claim to rise above … Continue reading “E2M Eagle’s Eye – 01 Nov 2013”

15 Lessons We’ve Learned While Recovering Penalized Sites in Google

Over a year, we’ve worked with dozens of clients who approached us with penalized sites. Recovering sites like these is a specialty of ours, we being an SEO agency at the core. We’ve openly shared our recovery strategies on our blog as well as top tier sites like Search Engine Journal. Here are some of … Continue reading “15 Lessons We’ve Learned While Recovering Penalized Sites in Google”

E2M Eagle’s Eye – 25 Oct 2013

The hum over hummingbird refuses to die and PubCon is at full swing. So, let us concentrate on business-as-usual. The E2M Eagle is back at the pavilion and he’s found some interesting tidbits for you to nibble on.   32 Tips from Day One at the eMetrics Summit London http://www.koozai.com/blog/news/events-news/emetrics-day-one/ With the MeasureFest and eMetrics … Continue reading “E2M Eagle’s Eye – 25 Oct 2013”

A Quick Penguin 2.1 Analysis, and How To Recover Successfully

A quick disclaimer: While this post is based on an analysis of data from a client that recently joined us, they are still in the process of recovery, and we naturally can’t share the raw data. We plan to share this information in the future. If you’ve heard of Penguin, you probably already know that … Continue reading “A Quick Penguin 2.1 Analysis, and How To Recover Successfully”

Google Hummingbird: A Cumulative Synopsis

On September 26, Google announced that for about a month, a new algorithm had been put in place. The algorithm was called “Hummingbird.” But despite it’s animal-inspired namesake, hummingbird was nothing like Panda or Penguin. According to Amit Singhal, a change this big hasn’t been made since he first joined Google in 2001. It was … Continue reading “Google Hummingbird: A Cumulative Synopsis”

E2M Eagle’s Eye – 11 Oct 2013

We’re back again with another round-up of posts making news (or noise) in search, analytics, social and elsewhere. Let’s see what the Eagle (he likes hummingbirds, by the way) has brought back this week…   Chrome Extension: Analytics Woman http://blog.clayburngriffin.com/chrome/analytics-woman A horse trudges slowly into a pub and orders a drink. “Evenin’” says the barman, … Continue reading “E2M Eagle’s Eye – 11 Oct 2013”

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