If you find yourself spending hours browsing through Instagram and adding multiple posts to it in a day, you’re not alone. And why wouldn’t you want to use Instagram to post your pictures? After all, it lets you edit them like no other app does.

The latest Instagram update, however, allows users to go a step ahead. The brand new Instagram Drafts feature is the most recent feather in its cap, and it enables users to save their edited Instagram posts as drafts. These posts can then be posted at a later time.  

The best thing about this update is that the process is extremely simple and intuitive.  All you need to do is pick your photo, edit it the way you like, and incorporate hashtags, titles and locations. Sounds like the usual Instagram grind! But the fun starts now.

Simply press the back arrow twice. A warning may spring up here alerting you about your edits being discarded if you go back. But, fret not! Choose the ‘Save Draft’ option instead of the ‘Discard’ or ‘Cancel’ options, and your edited picture will get saved to the ‘Drafts’ folder. You can access this folder whenever you like to post the snaps saved therein with all the changes preserved.

Here’s another Instagram-related news that will gladden business owners and budding entrepreneurs alike. Instagram is working towards launching a Contact button as it prepares to introduce a feature for creating business profiles. The new button will help business owners connect directly with a wider base of new customers.

All this comes quick on the heels of Instagram launching Stories earlier this year and quietly releasing two new video features in routine updates of the app. The first video feature will enable you to zoom in or out when recording videos on Instagram simply by swiping up or down. The other feature lets you toggle between your handset’s front and back cameras as you shoot a video by double-tapping on the screen.

While both the above features are similar to those already offered by Snapchat, they’ve been much awaited by Instagrammers as well. This could also be the reason why Instagram was low-key about the updates rather than create hoopla about them.

But, all said and done, Instagram certainly seems to be making all the right moves in keeping itself relevant and interesting for users.

  • Mansi Dhorda is a SEO Analyst at E2M. She specializes in the implementation of highly effective link building strategies for clients all over the world.