The Importance of In-store Brand Experience

In this episode of This Week in Marketing, Sam and I welcome my sister, Jessie Svec – formerly of American Eagle Outfitters.

At American Eagle’s headquarters, Jessie was the Senior Visual Coordinator – she acted as the bridge between the visual content team and the creative conceptual team to make American Eagle’s brand experience come to life.

Segment 1: Overview of In-Store Brand Experience

In this segment, Jessie helps us understand the importance of prioritizing in-store experience and how to make the experience more memorable and unique for consumers.

Jessie stresses that first impressions are the most important as it helps set the tone for customer interaction. Whether it be a negative or positive impression – the first impression ultimately helps orchestrate each customer’s purchase journey.

The segment concludes with Jessie’s approach to how the “Retail Apocalypse” is ultimately resurrecting the in-store experience. As the massive shift to online shopping has yet to diminish the in-store brand – it’s revolutionized a new standard!

Segment 2: Brand Inclusivity And Getting Customers in The Door – with American Eagle

In this segment, Jessie highlights how AE has molded their in-store experience from the ground up. AE sets the tone for a new brand image by welcoming all body types and being inclusive for all shapes and sizes. Voicing this body-positive message has established a strong relationship with customers and invited customers into their stores, time and time again.

An important point in this segment is how brick-and-mortar stores can set themselves apart from other competitors in the market, while still appealing to their specific audience. An example included how AE separates themselves from similar stores such as; Urban Outfitters, Nordstrom, Gap. etc.

Segment 3: Taking Advantage of Imagery in The Fashion Industry

Segments 2 and 3 have some overlap with discussion points, but we dive right into the importance of how clothing brands can learn to represent themselves in an evolving landscape.

The major take away point from this segment is the importance of brands keeping up with social trends and appealing to younger demographics. We also discuss how big brands like AE have incorporated the shift to appealing to wider demographics including, Gen Z.

Segment 4: Proven to Be Effective -Pitch Kit

To wrap up the show, we discussed how honing in on values can be a great way for brands to leverage themselves and appeal to a wave of new customers.

Jessie then gives a great example of how AE stood out by being more inclusive of its target market. During Pride Month AE made a point to further support, with their window displays, and solidify their values of being more inclusive.

As we wrap up the show, Jessie mentioned she was able to take everything she learned from AE and apply it to her new startup called Pitch Kit.  Pitch Kit is a camping rental service that relies heavily on environmental awareness. Similar to Patagonia, shoppers are buying into the mission statement that a brand represents.

Finally, Jessie gives us her insight into what clothing brands might look like in the coming years.

To learn more about in-store brand experience and how to curate your own, tune into this discussion.

About the Hosts:

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