If you’re thinking of making some videos for social media, YouTube may be the first platform that pops into your mind. But according to Reuters, Twitter has recently sweetened the deal for video creators, announcing recently on its blog that it would now pay individual video creators a share of the advertising revenue generated by their videos.

If you create a video for Twitter and want to participate, you’ll receive 70% of the advertising revenue, while 30% will go back to Twitter. Twitter is trying hard to promote itself as a video platform; it lags behind YouTube and Facebook Live in terms of video popularity and has had a hard time attracting talent in that department. But in the past few months, it’s allowed for longer, higher-quality videos to be shared, making this new revenue program an added bonus. Guy Snir writes on the Twitter blogpost that “Creators can now upload, manage and publish media more efficiently and effectively than ever.”

Twitter already offers some revenue sharing to certain companies, like the National Football League, which posts videos through Twitter’s Amplify Publisher Program. But that option is now open to any Twitter user, not just large corporations.

YouTube has been offering revenue sharing for a while, and Facebook Live offers revenue sharing to a select number of companies. YouTube, however, only offers a 55% share of advertising revenue. Twitter released Media Studio to replace video.twitter.com, and it includes a unified media library, stability in upload capabilities, team management and multi-account support, and the ability to schedule tweets.

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