How To Migrate Your Adobe BC Website To DUDA

How to Migrate Your Adobe BC Website to DUDA

The ‘End of Life’ announcement by Adobe BC did throw a spanner in the works for many businesses. Since Adobe BC is a very reliable website building and hosting platform, it gained its reputation as one of the most popular choice for businesses globally. However, with the announcement of termination with effect from 20th March 2021, many website owners are scrambling to find the right alternative to Adobe Business Catalyst.

We have earlier shared a post on some of the most reliable options, but if you’ve narrowed down your choice to DUDA, this post will help you migrate your Adobe BC website to DUDA easily. With just over a year left, this is the right time for you to get the ball rolling on your website and make the most of it.

Why Duda?

Before we get down to explaining how you can migrate your Adobe BC website to DUDA, here is a list of some of the most predominant reasons, so as to why DUDA is one of the best alternatives available.

  • DUDA is a simple and effective website builder with a WYSIWYG, drag-and-drop website feature just like Muse. Since it is intuitive, it is easy for non-technical people to use and thrive on.
  • Another advantage of using DUDA is that you will not have to learn any code to undertake the migration or even maintain your website afterward. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to have a little technical knowledge, but if you are absolutely ignorant about the mysteries of coding, you can still work with DUDA.
  • DUDA offers a drag and drop interface. This means, you can see all the features and options laid out on the screen and you simply drag and drop the ones that you like to prepare the website just as it would suit you.
  • DUDA offers a pre-designed sectioning of your website. What this does for you, is to get away from the troubles of working on website architecture from scratch. Since each section is meant to fulfill roles on your site, you can simply get started.
  • DUDA is also a preferred choice because it offers SSL certification. Obtaining it is as easy as a one-click operation. Having an SSL certificate lends your website (and thereby your brand) trust from the users.
  • In case you need to edit your website in the future, DUDA offers front-end editing. This will completely eliminate the need to maneuver the website with codes from the back end. It is an easy and swift way to edit your website and get a faster flow on the go.
  • Most businesses do not remain the same over the course of time. As your business expands, you will require increased storage and more bandwidth. DUDA offers unlimited resources for the same. With your website on DUDA, you will never have to worry about exhausting these resources.
  • Another significant reason for the popularity of DUDA is the fact that it is hosted by, AWS which is one of the most trusted hosting services in the world today that powers 40% of the cloud market today including services like Netflix, Slack and many more.
  • Today, businesses aren’t limited to a particular geography or time-zone. This is why it is important for the website builder of your choice to be able to operate in multiple languages. DUDA works with over 55 languages. It is ideal if you are looking at a multi-lingual team or even an international customer base.
  • In case you have multiple websites on DUDA, it will allow you to manually merge and manage all the website settings from one place. This gives you greater control on optimizing your websites for search engines.
  • DUDA also comes with a unique widget builder which enables you to create assets and features for your website that can be integrated with third parties if need be. You may also purchase custom widgets from various DUDA fulfillment partners.

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How To Migrate Your Website From Adobe BC To DUDA

Migrating a website is a herculean task. But it doesn’t have to be all that difficult. Our team has tried to break it down into simple steps so that you can do it yourself. Of course, if you get stuck somewhere or have any doubts, you can reach out to us in the comments section and we’ll help you out.

It is important to remember that DUDA is a specialized website builder that is created specifically for non-technical patrons. However, that doesn’t mean it can be achieved in a blink. There is a certain amount of caution and attention that you will have to observe at each step to ensure that your website doesn’t lose out on any of the features that it currently has.

DUDA will also offer some features that your website probably did not have earlier but would benefit from having now. It is imperative to study the market and your competitors to understand what kind of ‘look and feel’ works best for your website.

Since you will be undertaking the process of migration, this is the best time for you to incorporate upgrades or changes and re-launch a better and more user-friendly version of your website if needed.

So, let’s get started.

Step 1: Consolidating The Content

When it comes to migration, DUDA will enable you to quickly and effortlessly accumulate all of the web content including images, text and important business information directly in a centralized library.

Instead of having to individually move each element, you will now be able to move the whole content of your website with the help of this library. This consolidation can be managed by just a few clicks.

Once you have this library, you can efficiently colonize the content into various sections and pages of your new website. While you are at it, you may make the changes that you like or add more features by dragging and dropping whatever seems necessary.

This unique feature of DUDA allows you to undertake the process of migration in just minutes, rather than hours or even days.

Now that you know how easy the whole process can be, let us take each step one at a time and migrate your Adobe BC website.

Step 2: Designing And Developing The Website

DUDA is an exceptional website builder that helps you create stunning and efficient websites without putting in the effort towards coding. Since there are widget-based modules available, you can easily create WYSIWYG design and functionality.

Designing and Developing The Website On Duda

You may choose the type of in-site that you want and then further customize them as per your requirement. What’s more, it’s all drag and drop. So, see something you like, drag it in, see something you don’t want, leave it out. However, if there are things that you would love to have on your website but the widget-based modules don’t offer, you may switch to the ‘Developer Mode’ and customize HTML and CSS coding. If you have some coding skills, you can customize the website just as you like. If not, you can either go for the options available or hire a developer to help you out.

Almost 2 billion people currently access the internet only via their smartphones. This is why, it is important to build a website that is responsive. In order to help you achieve that, all of DUDA’s site templates are absolutely responsive and enable you to choose from a catalog of:

  • Over 100 fonts
  • Stock photos
  • Parallax effects
  • Flat Icons

Another interesting thing about designing and developing a website in DUDA is that you may copy and paste elements that you need repeating across the website. You don’t have to create new ones each time you want a repeat item across every page.

Step 3: Content Migration

We’ve already spoken about the content library that you can make using DUDA’s tool. However, that library will only allow you to consolidate all the content from your website to one place.

To start the process of content migration, begin by mapping your entire website. Make a list of all the pages, the purpose it serves, the information it gives away and the elements on it.

P.S: We also advise making a back up of your existing website content so that in case you edit anything, you still have the original to go back to if needed.

Now, you may use the content library to migrate everything in an orderly fashion to your new DUDA website. DUDA, unfortunately, doesn’t allow for automated migration. What this means is that you will have to manually select, copy and paste

  • Text
  • Images
  • Graphics
  • Fonts
  • Other source files

for all the pages individually.

Duda Tools For Content Migration

It might certainly seem like an inconvenience, but it definitely lends you a lot more control on what you want for your new website. Like we said earlier, this is an excellent opportunity for you to renew your website. This process of manual copy-pasting will force you to think about everything that exists on the page and its utility. You will be surprised by the amount of redundant content that you’ll find. Take this chance to add more meaningful, timely and relevant content to your website.

Step 4: Managing Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization - Website Setting

Now that your website has migrated, it is important to take a look at how you can manage the SEO. Users all over the world rely heavily on Google as their primary search engine for just about anything that they need on the internet. So, making sure that your business website is easy to access is of critical significance.

DUDA has gained a reputation for having been engineered for SEO. It allows you higher control on search engine optimization for your website. Apart from that, it comes loaded with many settings that are already optimized and run in the background automatically.

DUDA is a Google Page speed preferred website builder. Please note that it is an elite status to be conferred to a website builder as it is reserved only for sites that follow Google’s best practices and improve upon website load times. DUDA automatically optimizes your website for speed each time you publish or update it.

The Internet is extremely customer-centric today. Google has become the most popular search engine in the world because it caters to the requirements of the users. In order to ensure that a user can find what he or she is looking for quickly, Google keeps coming up with various algorithms from time to time.

One of the key factors in being better searchable is to have a website that loads quickly. Every second that your website takes may cost it 7% of conversions. Bearing this in mind, DUDA is an excellent website builder that helps you speed up your load time automatically.

Step 5: Adding Blogs To Your DUDA Website

Adding Blog To Your Duda Website

Blogs are an important part of websites across different businesses today. If you want to add a blog or import an existing blog from your previous website to your new DUDA website, you can do that easily from an RSS feed. This will include:

  • Titles
  • Formatting
  • Videos
  • Images
  • Comments
  • Post-Author
  • Date of publishing

On creating a new blog, the initial post of “Welcome” will automatically be generated by DUDA. You may configure this blog for multiple authors. DUDA furnishes the blogs with basic metrics like page views, shares, etc.

Step 6: Hosting Plans For The New Website

Now that your website is designed, developed and the content has been migrated successfully, it is time to think about which hosting plan suits you best. By default, all websites on DUDA are hosted on AWS (Amazon Web Services). It is a secure and reliable cloud-based solution with unlimited resources like storage and bandwidth.

There are four primary parameters that you must pay attention to before choosing the right plan. They are:

  • Number of websites
  • Nature of your business,
  • The volume of content on your website
  • Average traffic that you are expecting

Based on these four points, you may go for any of the following plans:

1. Basic Plan

This plan is ideal for small businesses expecting low to medium traffics with no online shopping activities. It is priced at $14 per month which is quite affordable. You may even build multi-lingual websites on this plan.

2. Team plan

This plan is ideal for small to medium online shopping businesses with over 10 products. It covers all the basic features needed for e-commerce and is priced at $22 per month.

3. Agency Plan

While this is an ideal plan for agencies that work on websites for their clients, it may also be helpful to go for this plan if your own business has multiple websites. You may create up to 8 websites with 10 team members using this plan which is priced at $74 per month.

4. The E-commerce Add-on plan

If your website is expressly an online shopping portal, you will have to purchase this add-on. This will help you create a flawless online store with all the necessary features including shopping cart, check-out, etc. The different types of this add-on are as mentioned below:

  • Standard plan: priced at $7.25 per month to support under 100 products.
  • Advanced plan: priced at $19.25 per month to support under 2500 products.
  • Unlimited plan: priced at $39 per month to support unlimited number of products.

Why Is Auto SSL (HTTPS) Important for Your Website?

As we’ve already talked about its various algorithms being aimed at secure and helpful user experience, Google has already started blocking websites without SSL certification. This is where DUDA can prove to be extremely helpful for your website. They have an automated SSL flow to make sure that your site is safe, secure and acceptable by Google.

Please note that while DUDA automatically generates SSL certificates for every dashboard editor and preview domain, it doesn’t create any for alternate domains. This is done to make the process of editing your website in the most secure way possible.

What Kind of Support Can You Expect from DUDA?

When migrating your website from Adobe BC to DUDA, support forms a very important aspect. DUDA has an excellent support channel that can be accessed by visiting their support page. You may also go through their comprehensive ‘Self-Help’ center to sort out any query and read more about it.

In case you still need more support, you may reach them through email at [email protected]. Since DUDA has a huge community of followers and enthusiasts, they regularly host webinars to provide more information on their various features and practices. It also covers the latest industry trends or even products and updates. These webinars are available online along with multiple support videos from the DUDA community.

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Building your own online identity is a big job. However, having to migrate it from a reliable platform to another one is altogether a different ball game. It can be challenging to say the least. Nevertheless, since there is no going around it, it is best to start the process of migration as soon as possible.

There is a little over a year left for the Adobe BC ‘End of Life’ so, if you start now, you will give yourself plenty of room to make mistakes and recover from them. This post was to help you migrate your Adobe BC website to DUDA in an efficient way, however, if you still have questions or are stuck somewhere, just drop in a comment at the end of the post and we’ll get back to you.

  • Hiren is Project Manager at E2M. He has over 12 years of experience in Website Designing and Development, which makes him an expert in this field. He has managed over 500 WordPress projects and over 100 Adobe BC site migration projects in different technologies such as Webflow, DUDA, Treepl CMS, and Siteglide. Hiren's strength lies in his communication and client service skills, which enhance E2M’s performance-driven management philosophy.