A Guide to Managing Your Online Reputation

Welcome to another installment of “This Week in Marketing”, a monthly podcast co-hosted by Kevin Svec of the E2M Solutions team!

Alan Bush
Alan Bush – VP of Strategy

This week we’re talking reputation management with our guest, Alan Bush, VP of strategy for Ignite Visibility. We covered a lot of topics today and touched on everything from SEO, platforms to use, free tools, and more!

Part 1: Alan discusses his role as VP of Strategy at Ignite Visibility. We begin with a discussion about the business value behind reputation management. The importance to focus on personal brand reputation management as well as company brand reputation management because of the stark difference between both.

Alan discusses the tool knowem.com that discovers social media handles. Here is a list of some tools that can aid with social media and reputation management:

  • Google Alerts, tracks mentions of your name and brand
  • Ifttt.com, an automation tool that connects to multiple devices and platforms
  • Hootsuite, a tracking tool for social media management

Part 2: Two begins with a conversation about when to specifically hire for reputation management. Alan highlights the importance of reviews for SEO and deliberates the differences between local and national rankings. We also briefly touch on how to put reviews on your website in order to improve those rankings.

Part 3: Three concentrates on the power of responding to reviews has on SEO. According to Google, it helps (spoiler alert). We then talk ways for responding to bad reviews.

Part 4: The final segment we discuss the challenges that many businesses face, plus the solutions to those challenges. Don’t shy away from responding to reviews, that includes negative ones. We also dive into dealing with upcoming reviews that are branded search results!

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