Here’s to strong women.
May we know them.
May we be them.
May we raise them.

E2M recently celebrated International Women’s Day on 8th of March. The day was dedicated to its female employees, all of them being equal partakers in the company’s progress. Here is what its women workforce have to say about the celebrations.

Hiral Atha

Hiral Atha
Co-founder, MoveoApps

“A woman is a full circle.

Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform. ~ Diane Mariechild

It was not a normal day at office. It was full of surprises! I could see the effect of women-empowerment all around. A spark in eyes of every female I met. The whole environment was joyful, with special efforts made by the women for the women, to make the day special were commendable. By honoring yourself and treating yourself with respect, you set the stage up for others to treat you with respect. Developing great self-esteem, believing in oneself, having a never-say-die attitude and most importantly by supporting other women, women set the sails towards women empowerment.”


Kankana Roy Jain
Content Writer

“E2M is synonymous to a great working culture. There is never short of enthusiasm for any event from our always supportive and wonderful directors. And the employees are only too glad about it! Like all other festive days, we knew that Women’s day too would be celebrated in the organization with much fun and pomp.
But what we received, exceeded expectations. From the time we entered office, all the women in the organization were made to feel extremely special. On our arrival on Women’s day, we were greeted with pretty pink, white and yellow roses and a wonderful hand-written message. That had set the tone for the day. And after that surprises after surprises followed. Soon we were handed some special cookies in heart shaped plates, much to the ‘aha’ and ‘arched eyebrows’ of our male colleagues.

Lunch was an all-women affair, where there were games, get-to-know each other sessions, and fun galore. A photo session followed where all the beauties of E2M posed and pouted and flashed their incredible smiles.

And by evening, when all the women were already feeling incredibly special, our HR Manager Sanjana, and Assistant HR, Preethy popped up yet another set of surprise. Post tea break, we were served a glass full of fresh juice. What was the cherry on the cake was the super colorful straw, and the customized message for each one of us. ‘You are Wonderful’ ‘You are Lovely’ ‘You are a Superstar’. Our day was really made! We felt proud to be a woman and motivated to do our best for the coming days and months. I think we really owe it to the management for being always so zealous, our HR Manager for being a bundle of energy, us for being such fantastic individuals, and our male colleagues too for being sporting and encouraging throughout the day. ”


Aparna Shamjith
Content Writer

“Women’s Day celebrations in our office were really fabulous and we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly.

And this was primarily due to the sincere efforts that came from E2M. Though I never believed in the concept of celebrating womanhood for a day, I have to say that I too felt special on that day. Being a woman in a man’s world is a hard work, but in the end the satisfaction and sense of achievement we feel makes it all worthwhile.

This year’s celebrations gave all of us a chance to bond and get to know our large and growing team better. I also feel that we have a tight gang of girls in our office and occasions like these just give us another reason to party!!

We rule!!! High five!!”

IMG_4532 (2)

Niharika Kapoor
Digital Marketer

“Until 7th March 2016, Women’s Day was like any other day for me. Though THE Day is supposed to celebrate womanhood, there was never anything interesting going on around to make me feel that way. Moreover, the way the society is turning to be and all the hardships a woman has to face, Women’s Day seemed meaningless more than ever.
But on the 8th of March 2016, the day began in a way I did not think about, and not only was the start sweet and kind, the entire day until the evening was just as good. It was the first time I felt happy about being a woman, happy about how our managers care to do something extra, above and beyond the ordinary. Thank you for making all of us feel the way you did! It does mean a lot, and it highly appreciated.


Hetal Patel
PHP Developer

“I felt very special on this Women’s Day which I felt never before. It gave me great happiness. I felt proud to be a woman and of course I will never forget this day in my life as it was my first wonderful Women’s Day.


Kinjal Bagaria
PHP Developer

“Thankyou E2M! Your efforts for making us feel special were really astonishing.
It was a wonderful and surprising day for me….The Best Women’s Day so far….
From the very beginning of the day (with beautiful rose) to the end of the day (with refreshing drink) it was full of surprises.
I feel honored that you made our day outstanding….”


Aanal Bhatt
Digital Marketer

“I had a really wonderful experience this Women’s Day at E2M. First of all, I was really excited when the day began with a beautiful, rose on my desk. Women are beautiful and this special treatment made me feel more beautiful.
My happiness grew manifold as other surprises unfolded. We went for a special women-only team lunch with a smile on our face. I thoroughly enjoyed the lunch, especially knowing about our new colleagues. But the best part of the day was the special message that we received with a round of refreshing drink, which praised us. It read “you are fantastic”. It was indeed a motivating and sweet gesture.
I thank E2M for making my day really special. It was all about women empowerment.


Hiral Rana
Social Media Manager

“Being the center of all attention on Women’s Day was indeed a pleasant surprise. We kept getting tiny surprises throughout the day and went for an all-women lunch as a part of the celebrations. This has been one of the most memorable celebrations with the company so far and I will cherish the memories forever. Thankyou E2M for making me feel special. 

Sucheta B

Sucheta Biswas
Content Writer

“I want to thank everyone who were behind making the Women’s Day celebrations held recently at E2M, a special affair. It was a lovely day, a special affair, made lovelier with loads of surprises, laughter and merriment. The efforts taken to laud woman power by the company will always remain etched in my memory forever. Thank you E2M!”


Hardi Patel
Android Developer

“After having such a great day for ‘women’s only’ the feeling inside me was – “Yay! Girls are also special!!!” We had a lot fun at that day with our WONDERWOMEN colleagues and interacted with them with full gusto! There wasn’t a moment throughout the day, when we didn’t have smile on our face or when we didn’t feel special! I would like to thank E2M for all the efforts that made our day a great one!


Mansi Dhorda
Digital Marketer

“Small gestures throughout the day made Women’s Day at E2M really special. From finding a rose on desk at the very start of the day, tea-time snacks, flattering messages to a refreshing evening drink, everything was outstanding. Loved the expressions and reactions of guys when special treatment was given to all the girls (only). It was a fun working day and it was more fun interacting with our female counterparts over lunch. Thanks E2M for all your efforts and arrangements. ”

So that was all from the women of E2M and everything about how they had a truly special day. But now we will hear from two behind-the-scenes people who made it all possible, Sanjana and Preethy, from the HR team. The questions were compiled by:

Mira Jadeja

Meera Jadeja
Content Writer

“Over the years, I have celebrated many ‘Women’s Day’ days at work or with friends. However, the feeling has always been a little anti-climactic for me as once we are done with the movie, lunch or get-together, we return to the same old life, a life where appreciation comes even more rarely than a comet appears in the sky.

I would be speaking for a lot of women when I say that we don’t really need diamonds and TajMahal, we need small surprises and a few words of motivation and appreciation every now and then, to get us going. This is why yesterday was so special. From those little appreciation notes to motivational emails, through to small gestures like being served tea first, the day was really interesting.

The exotic juice served in the evening was the best of all because it ensured the surprises didn’t end until the very end. So basically it was the first time in my life that Women’s Day lasted for the entire day!

And last but not the least, thanks to Sanjana and Preethy for bringing awesomeness to the day – it is only a woman that truly understands a woman – so cheers to the spirit of womanhood!

E2M GirlsBeing an equal opportunity provider, E2M recognizes the contribution made by its women workforce and salutes their spirits.

  • Mansi Dhorda is a SEO Analyst at E2M. She specializes in the implementation of highly effective link building strategies for clients all over the world.