E2M is Sponsoring the USUMMIT Digital Conference 2018 in Denver

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E2m is Sponsoring The USUMMIT Digital Conference 2018 in Denver Colorado

It’s my pleasure to announce that E2M Solutions will be sponsoring the USUMMIT conference in Denver, CO for the second year in a row! The conference will take place in the heart of Denver at the Grand Hyatt Hotel from September 28th to the 30th.

USUMMIT is masterminded by Ugurus, who are intent on hosting a conference to “transport you from the isolation and loneliness so commonly experienced by entrepreneurs to a tribe of people just like you.” The purpose of the conference is to create a shared pool of insights, feedback, and support to help agency owners, freelancers, and more understand and attain the possibilities for their business and life.

The Summit is working to bring in small to mid-size digital marketing agencies, web design firms, marketing professionals, business owners, etc. Being as how these are the types of clients we have been working with since day one at E2M, and digital marketing and web design is our core forte, we are in a great position to provide digital agency owners at this conference with white label services to scale their business!

Over the past couple of years, we have been expanding our own presence in Southern California. Since we set up shop in the United States, we have put together a diverse portfolio of clients across the country from a wide range of industries. At the start of 2018, we have narrowed our focus to emphasize our best services, which include Website Design & Development, eCommerce Solution, SEOContent Marketing, and Copywriting.

It’s no secret, the United States has been very good to us over the years. We have developed an amazing network of friends and colleagues who have made our existence in North America a pleasure. As we have had lots of help getting our operation up and moving, we would love to “pay it forward” and work with other entrepreneurs and agencies as much as we can. This not only includes establishing an online presence and making waves in the market, we want to help set people up for long-term success using the process we have been continuously refining since we started in 2012!

Our goal in Denver is to meet and connect with as many agency entrepreneurs, industry veterans, digital agency owners, freelancers, and more to talk shop, bounce ideas, give/receive some actionable advice, and see how we can help grow their business.

The lineup of speakers at the 2018 USUMMIT is absolutely stacked! Personally, I am extremely excited to hear Pia Silva’s take on “Badass Branding” and Dave Schiff’s approach to agency leadership!

I hope we get a chance to talk at the conference; I would love to see what E2M and our partners can do to help you succeed!

If you are planning to attend, let’s talk soon and get the ball rolling!

–          Give me a call at (+1) 619-810-7701; or

–          Shoot me an email at [email protected]

–          You can also give Kevin Svec a call at (+1) 515-451-6997; or

–          Send him an email at [email protected]

  • Manish Dudharejia is the founder and president of E2M - a full-service white label digital agency. E2M helps agencies scale their business by solving bandwidth/capacity problems when it comes to websites design, web development, eCommerce, SEO, and content writing. E2M has been helping agencies for 10 years and currently works with about 130 agencies across the U.S., Canada, UK, Ireland, and Australia.