Can’t believe a month’s already gone by in 2014 – New Year seems like yesterday! The past week, SMX Israel was hailed a resounding success, with John Mueller and Eli Feldblum at their best. Let’s dig into the Eagle’s spoils from elsewhere – he’s got interesting stuff about Foursquare, Baidu and others.


Why We Deleted 900 Blog Posts And What Happened Next

Koozai removed 30% of their content and survived (and well, at that) to tell their tale. Read Mike’s step by step account of how they got rid of “three short and sweet 100 word blog posts” and the like they used to write everyday.


Staff Development at Digital Marketing Agencies

I always love a co-authored article. Some accurate advice and insights from Renee Marquardt & Chris Bell if you’re recruiting or training staff at your digital marketing agency.


The Essential Guide to Creating a Successful Content Marketing Strategy

HubSpot teamed up with Evernote to create a content marketing blueprint in an Evernote Notebook format. Kieran Flanagan walks us through the different facets.


Howdy Reddit, I’m Rand Fishkin, Co-founder of Moz, AMA

Rand’s Ask Me Anything on Reddit. Read it. Rand talks about NFL, Justin Bieber, retirement, and Baby Fishkin (not on the way), among other things.


How I Lost My $50,000 Twitter Username

How often do you lose a $50,000 Twitter handle? Naoki Hiroshima did, no thanks to the don’t-give-a-damn attitude of GoDaddy and PayPal. Well, use it or lose it, they say.


Baidu launches search engine in Thailand, Brazil, and Egypt (Update: all taken offline)

Baidu launched search in Thailand, Brazil, and Egypt last weekend, only to take its sites down in a couple of days. The company later said the sites were “only for internal testing.” Screenshots from Steven Millward of TechInAsia here.


Foursquare Now Lets You Order In Directly From U.S. Restaurants

That’s right.  By teaming up with GrubHub Seamless, they’ve enabled users to order delivery from thousands of restaurants directly through the Foursquare app, Kurt Wagner reports on Mashable.


5 Tactics Super Bowl Advertisers Are Using To Boost Their Paid Search Campaigns

YouTube, sitelinks across all ads, sitelinks to social media, hashtags in ad copy, and ad videos on landing pages – brands are giving it everything to be top-dog on Super Bowl XLVIII.


How A Regular Web Marketer Got A Google Link Penalty Removed

Marc Rasmussen dug out a penalized site after a marathon 8months and 8 reconsideration requests. And if you see the domain name, you’ll be doubly surprised. Respect.


7 Essential Ingredients Every SEO Campaign Needs

What’s Eagle Eye without Neil Patel? Gifographics, Meta tag optimization via AdWords, and stalking sloppy competitors – these and more tactics from the blue-eyed boy of SEO.