E2M Eagle’s Eye

What’s happening, folks? The Eagle has brought back liberal sprinklings of UX, landing page and conversion optimization insights this week. A few leftovers from last week’s Panda update are here too. Go on and see what’s in store for you…


How to Get One Million Views on SlideShare


Jonathon Colman shares the story of how he zoomed past one million views on SlideShare. An interesting read on the tactics, the agony and the ecstasy that goes into reaching a milestone of such proportions.


Take the SEO Expert Quiz and Rule the Internet


A simple, yet tricky collection of SEO-related questions from the Moz team led to unnerving results all round. You must have seen your friends’ tweets by now, challenging you to beat them! :P


Page Fights: Crowning the Ultimate Landing Page Champion


What great reporting, Amanda! Here’s a detailed walkthrough (and public shaming of contestants) of the Page Fights competition held by Unbounce and Conversion XL. No, I won’t tell you who won. READ the post.


How To Identify & Improve Crappy UX Issues


Another detailed, step-by-step eye opener from Ott Nigulis on the Conversion XL blog. Crappy shortcomings in your UX aren’t immediately obvious; this post shows exactly how to go about the cleanup.


The Definitive Guide to Marketing Automation


Trivia Question: Who’s written the most number of ultimate, comprehensive, definitive guides in digital marketing? You already know him – and here’s one more from him! With help from Ritika Puri.


We Got A Look Inside The 45-Day Planning Process That Goes Into Creating A Single Corporate Tweet


More than a rant on insufferable corporate bureaucracy, this article is about the amount of planning and diligence that goes into content created by people at top agencies, and a glimpse of their working lives.


Press Release Rankings: Slammed by the Panda?


It certainly appears as if Panda 4.0 has pushed press releases off the end of the cliff. Sean Malseed investigates on the SEER Interactive blog.


Why Most People’s Charts & Graphs Look Like Crap


Because they are a reflection of their inner souls? Nah, never mind! Ross Crooks tells you how to draw your lines, bars and pies, as well as how to color them. Good luck with your next presentation/infographic!


Twitter Chat with Paul Shapiro @fighto on Reddit Marketing #VCBuzz


BigSEO SubReddit moderator Paul Shapiro and founder Clayburn Griffin were the guests of honor at this week’s #VCBuzz. Neatly covered and summarized by Ann Smarty.


4 Psychological Concepts That Will Change the Way You Create Content


Plain old usefulness, framing bias, the brain’s affinity for stories, and other interesting cognitive predispositions show up in the content we create, reveals Dana Loiz, who manages the AWR blog.

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