There is a definite shift in marketers’ articles, post Hummingbird, towards covering semantic SEO and analyzing how Google attempts to pre-empt and handle search queries. We have a couple of those, and some good others from around the web for you to ponder over.


Semantic SEO Talk With The Experts

Patrick Hathaway of HitReach hosted a virtual round table on Semantic SEO at their Google+ event page. Some striking insights from Aaron Bradley, Barbara Starr, AJ Kohn and others here.


Neil Patel’s favourite growth hacking tools shared at #neilsmw – Warsaw Growth Hacking meetup by

You can’t help not bumping into Neil Patel – the big deal’s kind of everywhere. Karol Pokojowczyk, the CEO of ColibriTool, summarizes Neil’s favorites.


50 Experts Reveal How to Promote Your Blog with Just 3 Tools

Brace yourself for a scrolling stretch. Richard Marriott of Clambr asked 50 internet marketing “experts” about their favourite tools for promoting their blog posts. Here are their answers, along with a list of the top-used tools.


If a Picture Says 1000 Words, Then Video Is… Priceless

There goes Neil again! An infographic to explain the effectiveness of video, the market for it, and the results that videos generate. If this doesn’t convince you to start leveraging videos, nothing will.


The Ultimate Guide to Writing “The Ultimate Guide” posts

Zen-like (or should we say Jen-like) advice from Moz’s Jennifer Lopez on how to go about creating Ultimate Guides. Not to say, one of the shortest ultimate guides ever!


SEO is now PR, but are PR agencies still not ready?

Whether you realize it or not, SEO is PR. The future is here. A word on the state (and consequences of the lack) of SEO adoption by PR companies by Ian McKee on Econsultancy.


How Google Finds ‘Known For’ Terms for Entities

Google finds terms and phrases to associate with entities that can be considered terms of interest for businesses, locations, and other entities. These terms can influence what shows up in search results and in knowledge panels for those entities. Huh? Let Bill Slawski explain…


Google Now Topics

A nice peek into how Google is translating queries into topics, which is at the core of the Hummingbird Update. A cool guide to Google Now Topics – thanks, AJ!


The Digital Divide: Marketing to Non-Techies

Another hilarious and thought-provoking piece from the ever-entertaining Dustin Verburg. If your grandma doesn’t know what you do, here’s your handbook. Skip the tl;dr, read the rest.


How to Improve Your Facebook Engagement Using Controlled Experiments

Wondering what types of Facebook posts work best? Stop speculating and start finding out. Andrea Vahl shows you how to set up experiments and gather data to get wind of what works (and what doesn’t) on your Facebook page.