Time for another roundup with the E2M Eagle! Flames from the guest post penalty fire are eating up blogosphere, and we’ve fanned them some more here. We’ve also given more than the usual attention to PPC – hey if you can’t buy links, you can at least buy ads (that too, directly from Google)!


I wish SEO would be more quiet as it died


Sage advice from Patrick Sexton on how to do SEO. Tuco would have said, “When you have to shoot, shoot. Don’t talk.”


This is insane. Period Matt Cutts on why Doc Sheldon’s penalty was valid


If you haven’t heard yet, Doc Sheldon’s entire site was penalized for giving out a single link that was deemed “inconsistent” with its tagline. Google used the tagline to “decide” what the site was about. Of course, everyone went hyper on Inbound.org.


How To Setup Long-Tail Google AdWords Campaigns To Effectively Target Millions Of Permutations


Alan Mitchell of Calculate Marketing gives some easy-peasy pointers on how to target long-tail keywords in AdWords with theme- and geo-specific permutations.


Twitter is experimenting with replacing its sacred retweet button with a ‘share’ button


After changing Connect to Notifications, Twitter is now looking to turn the “Retweet” button into “Share.” Perhaps they’re ruing missing out on being bought by Facebook or Google+?




A terrific curation of excellent Excel tools, templates, tips and tricks for PPC Managers by Katie Walton on the 3Q Digital blog. Each one of the posts she’s referred to is worth reading (and implementing), even if it takes you till next Friday!


Are Captcha Ads the Next Pathetic Advertising Gimmick?


They very much could be! Captchas – those most infuriating digital waste products, second only to subscription pop-ups in annoy-ability – can now run ads! Eric Murphy of DigitalRelevance muses on the implications.


Video: Google vs. Bing


Tom Shearman of Digital Third Coast took the Google vs. Bing duel to the streets of Chicago. The results? David got binged by Googliath.


China’s Baidu defeats U.S. lawsuit over censored search results


As Google continues to grow all-powerful, Baidu too prevailed in a different way: A district court threw out a lawsuit by U.S. activists complaining the search engine kept users from seeing their pro-democracy opinions.


Blogging Tip: How to Link to a Dubious Website Without Improving Its SEO


More woe to those who guest blog for links! Sarah Gooding examines a tool called Donotlink, where you can put in a URL and pull out a custom version that doesn’t pass juice.


Hi, I’m Danny Sullivan, and I’ve been writing about search & SEO for 18 years. AMA 🙂


The Big Daddy of the industry shared his thoughts on Google penalties, desktop search, and Matt Cutts’ retirement, among other things.