It’s Friday and the Eagle has landed again. And this week, he’s picked Matt Cutts as his primary object of interest. Of course, there are the usual bits and pieces of link building, PPC, penalty and content marketing!


The outdated way Google sees images

Google does not index base64 images; however, you should use them where appropriate, because they help your pages load faster. “I make things for my users. I do not make them for Google.” Well said, Patrick.


3 Important Things Matt Cutts Has Already Said About Link Building This Year

We just can’t stop analyzing what he says, can we? You know it all, yet you watch his videos just to be sure. Barrie Smith expounds on Search Engine People.


7 Things You May Not Know About Google’s Disavow Tool

Google tells webmasters that the disavow tool should be used with caution and have been fuzzy with their explanations on its usage. Help is here: this post by Marie Haynes answers important questions not tackled elsewhere. Dis-is-a-WOW!


How to Find and Build Powerful EDU Backlinks

Jon Ball revisits link building from .edu sites. Some methods he touches on are well-known and others, forgotten. This post got a bunch of comments on SEJ, something which hasn’t happened much recently.


I think I have spotted one, Matt.

Matt Cutts tweeted the link to Google’s new form for reporting scraper sites that are outranking the originals. And Dan Barker was quick to discover a certain search engine that was scraping Wikipedia. (Update: join the #linksfordan campaign, link to Dan)


Flappy Cutts

More fun poking at Matt. Ryan Jones took 20 minutes to create a flappy bird game with you-know-whose face. Bottomline: The spam never stops coming, and it always wins.


Finding The High Converting PPC Keywords That Are Right Under Your Nose

Time and place are SO important when it comes to doing well at PPC. Valuable guidance from Georgene Nunn on how to harness these critical elements to get the best out of your keyword sets, on Conversion XL.


How We Grew a Blog to $6 Million+ in 12 Months

Ryan Deiss shows you some benefits of testing out things for yourself, breaking the rules and becoming an authority. Advice you won’t get anywhere else: Go messy with your sites, don’t guest post, do tons of Facebook advertising.


Infographic: 25 Useful Content Marketing Tools

Tools for content creation, curation, promotion, distribution, marketing, strategy – you’ll find them all in this infographic by Frank Strong on Sword and the Script.


Monitoring Your Brand – Unlinked Mentions

Sarah Gurbach throws light on a simple process used at SEER Interactive to monitor brands, find unlinked mentions, acquire links and build relationships. Way to go!


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