Happy Holidays! 2013’s last “Flight of the Eagle” has got us some in-depth analysis and experts’ views on the state and future of online marketing as we know it. If you’re ready to ring in the new, here’s your bell.


2013 a Great Year for Twitter Users, Advertisers & Investors


Twitter finally came of age in 2013. Jessica Lee takes a walk down memory lane and a closer look at the facts, figures and motivations behind the darling of social media marketers.


16 Secret Google Analytics Advanced Segments Worth Their Weight in Gold


Josh Braaten redefines mining for gold in your Google Analytics over at Search Engine Watch. So if you’ve never wondered how keyword length segments, whales and DMA quartiles affect your traffic, start wondering now.


Should Venture Backed Startups Engage in Spammy SEO?


Google blew away RapGenius amid much foofaraw earlier this week. Aaron Wall asked the fundamental question and correctly (as usual) concluded that capital and connections are the key SEO innovations in the current Google ecosystem.


Should Apple Move On From Google Search?


Apple’s products are the most searched for items on all the big (and small) search engines. Does that mean Apple is ready to take on Google in its lair – search?


Local Search Interview: 13 Questions For 6 Experts


This one didn’t make it to the main Moz blog, but nothing stays hidden from the Eagle’s Eye! Vedran Tomic got some interesting insights from Local search experts including Shortland, Zhekov and Bowling.


[Roundup] 32 SEOs Share Their Top Wishes for 2014


While we’re on the subject of experts’ views, don’t miss this killer on Ahrefs – Pawel Grabowski got 32 SEO whizzes to reveal what they want from Santa for next year. Let’s hope they’ve been good boys and girls in 2013.


Omniture for Beginners


There is a web analytics world outside Google Analytics, you know. For the most part, it’s called Omniture. If your clients are using it, here’s a nice little walkthrough from Distilled.


Top 5 Ways to Use PPC Data to Improve Your SEO Results


Having common overall goals for SEO & PPC provides undeniable benefits. A healthy refresher for beginners from Zach Etten on how to use PPC data for link prospecting, improving CTR, keyword targeting and content creation.


Italy Approves ‘Google Tax’ on Internet Companies


Italy passed a “wrong answer to right problem” law requiring Italian companies to buy Internet ads from local companies, in an effort to bring into line companies moving their earnings into tax havens, which costs the U.S. & Europe over $100 billion a year.


5 Ways to Make a Splash with Social Customer Service


If you thought social customer care was going to be a fad, or that it wouldn’t work, it seems that you may have to change your mind. Julia Borgini makes the case with some fine examples at The Daily Egg.


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