The hum over hummingbird refuses to die and PubCon is at full swing. So, let us concentrate on business-as-usual. The E2M Eagle is back at the pavilion and he’s found some interesting tidbits for you to nibble on.


32 Tips from Day One at the eMetrics Summit London

With the MeasureFest and eMetrics conferences taking place back-to-back in London, Koozai summarized the best of both. Here’s Gemma Holloway’s précis of Day One at eMetrics – pretty much what you should know about the numbers.


Google IS able to index content fetched using AJAX!

Ecommerce stores rejoice! The Nordic search company KliKKi presents some great test results showing how Google is now able to rank pages for phrases that don’t appear in their source code, but are fetched using AJAX on the document ready state!


How to get started with Content Marketing in B2B? The Educated Approach

The E2M Eagle fetched this speck of gold dust from the ruins. Tom De Baere offers a step by step guide to content marketing for B2B companies – you probably know most of this, but the flow here is great.



Distilled has thrown a once-in-a-lifetime curveball: an in-depth investigation of content strategy at top brands by entrepreneurial journalist and author Lydia Laurenson. Smashing idea, William, old chap!


Improving Ad Rank to show more relevant ad extensions and formats

Google rolled out a change to Ad Rank, they quietly added ad extensions to the max CPC bid and Quality Score as a factor in ad positioning decisions. For now, this update only affects ads on Google Search.


Six Free Presentations That Will Make You Better At AdWords

One more from Koozai this week: Mike Essex throws in the best of their Paid Search presentations at BrightonSEO, SMX, On The Edge and other conferences over the past year.


Announcing Search Explorer™

Did Majestic just launch a Search Engine? We knew their crawlies were everywhere, but how big is this? Is it good for long tail research? And who will use it? Click here for answers.


Link Reclamation – How to Build Quality Inbound Links

See past the title here. A short and sweet, back-to-the-basics reminder from Sarah Hawes at Hallam Internet on how to lap up low-hanging fruit.


70 Things I’ve Learned From Writing 1000 Blog Posts

The first lady of marketing Geraldine has hit the magic number of 1,000. And though she didn’t learn 100 lessons, these 70 are enough. Reach for your reading glasses!


An SEO Fail For Candie’s – A Big Brand Audit

All you rookies, bring out your journals. Bill Sebald did a free Content, SEO and Social Media Audit for Candie’s shoes earlier this week. This is how you go about it.


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