E2M Eagle’s Eye

The Eagle is back after a two-week hiatus! On his time away he’s been contemplating on the changing nature of online marketing, and how few posts talk about SEO in itself these days. Food for thought if you went to the #BrightonSEO (tweets with this hashtag have appeared in more than 3 million users’ streams) conference yesterday. And he’s got some great stories to tell…


Why Google is broken and the Search Quality Team does nothing to fix it


Gianluca Fiorelli is pissed off (and rightly so) at the conked-out results you get for Latin language-based searches in the European Googles. With bad SERPS showing for genuine queries, combating spam is still a pipe dream.




Think small-time advertising and big-time link-building don’t go together? Think again! Pete Campbell used about £70’s worth of social and content advertising to get 400+ shares and 10+ authoritative links for a microsite.


Is referral traffic from Reddit of any value to publishers?


It depends on your KPIs and the objectives of your content strategy, says David Moth on Econsultancy. If you really want to find out whether all those AMAs amount to naught or not, test for yourself.


What’s Wrong With A/B Testing


While we’re on the subject of testing, let’s take a fresh look at the internet marketing standard – A/B testing. Methodology is only one part of the puzzle, reveals Peter Da Vanzo on the SEO Book blog.


How to Price Your Link Building Services


If you’re just starting out as a link builder, check out this nifty analysis by Venchito Tampon (who was recently a guest on our blog) to help you escort your clients through the funnel.


What Would Happen If Google Really Did Kill Google+?


The word of Danny Sullivan is law in this industry. The Eagle spotted him contemplating on the demise of Google+ and the aftereffects thereof, over at Marketing Land.


No Words Wasted


The much-awaited “guide to creating focused content” is finally here. Distilled’s content maestros Kyra Kuik and Harriet Cummings have put in months of hard work to unravel the knotty details of the content creation process. Needless to say, it shows!


Keyword Planner Update


Kim Clinkunbroomer of Philly Marketing Labs has some cool first-looks, analyses and screenshots of nine new features, including bid adjustments by device and mobile trends visualization, recently rolled out in the Google Keyword Planner.


The Power of Storytelling: How We Got 300% More People To Read Our Content


Alex Turnbull reveals how Buffer tested displaying a blog post with and without a story leading to the meat of the content. And the impact on the average time visitors spent reading the post is astonishing!


How I Got SEO Clients By Spraying Graffiti All Over My City


Speaking of stories, here’s the one about how Jamie Anderson cleverly leveraged “old media” sources to get leads and clients for RNRSEO.com. Prime example of marketing creativity at its best!