E2M Eagle’s Eye

So Panda 4.0 is out and everyone and their dogs can’t stop talking about it. eBay took a nosedive and as a result, all our ecommerce clients moved up one place in the rankings. You guessed it – they were already above #25! ;) :P This week we’re covering some discussions that you might be inclined to jump into, so read on.


Google is Breaking the Internet


A post of that name caught Matt Cutts’ fancy on Hacker News. And what catches Matt Cutts’ fancy catches also catches that of every SEO and his neighbor. See what happened next.


Tips to Control Traffic Spikes Caused by Bots Crawling Your Web Site


Bing names the four bots they use to crawl sites. They also give some advice on how to control bot traffic using robots.txt and Bing Webmaster Tools, as well as how to filter out crawlers from Google Analytics.


Deconstructing eBay.com’s Organic Loss Using SEMrush


A masterful analysis of eBay’s loss by Rishi Lakhani, with special attention to their “/bhp” pages. In the end, he indicates a manual penalty as opposed to the Panda effect.


Should eBay’s stock price drop to reflect it losing 80% of organic traffic?


The question that someone had to ask. Since eBay is an internet company, shouldn’t their value be tied to online visibility? Can Google start off by doing this to any firm they’re looking to acquire? Click here for this and other conspiracy theories.


FindLaw Selling Pre-SEO’d Websites


The future is here! The new trend niche-focused SEO agencies are latching on to is selling sites that already rank for niche queries. Conrad Saam investigates FindLaw and the DUI Lawyer space.


The Most Entertaining Guide to Landing Page Optimization You’ll Ever Read


The Eagle loves Entertainment. And he doesn’t mind a bit of optimization to go along with it! Oli Gardner’s long-form masterpost on Moz, with valuable, tweetable quotes thrown in, is a must-read.


Two Great Tips for Advanced Author Audit


A couple of quick wins from Ann Smarty if you’re looking to find out what a particular (Google) author writes about, what content is best received by his audience, and the blogs where he hangs out.


DuckDuckGo Relaunches & Starts To Look Like A Real Search Engine


DuckDuckGo finally looks like it’s making the “target transit” from developer to consumer. A first-look at the new features (with screenshots) from Matt McGee at Search Engine Land.


What do I need to do to get a job in SEO?


Resist your urge to say “Experience” and point some promising noobs (who you think will benefit from and listen to good advice) to this discussion on Inbound.org.


KPIs, Elephants and Protecting Your Web Presence


It’s your duty to make sure your client is going after the right KPIs. If you’re not convinced, read this, and we hope 40,000 dead elephants will persuade you. Thanks, Paxton.