It’s that day of the week again! Matt Cutts and Co. brought the sledgehammer down on My Blog Guest, sending shivers down the spines of the grittiest of bloggers and the noblest (ha!) of guest blog networks. Can publishing sites be far behind? We’ll leave you to contemplate on that and other fresh updates in marketing and search from around the web.


It looks like MyBlogGuest was the “winner” – not appearing on branded terms

This tweet from Sugar Rae drew attention to the unfortunate and till then unnamed recipient of Google’s special affection. MBG indeed turned out to be Matt’s latest crush!


Flip Guest Blogging on its Head, With Steroids

The Google-proof corporate tweak to guest blogging, as revealed by Aaron Wall. He couldn’t have put it in more simply: If you’re not working for a big brand, you’re doing it wrong.


If someone asked your Mum what you do for a living, what would she say?

There are plenty of blog posts on mothers and SEO, but Stacey asked it direct on – all the fun in one place, if you will. Is your mum smarter than a fifth grader? Find out here.


How to Choose the Best PPC Agency

We’re keeping it simple today. On-the-money advice from Stephen Kapusta of LunaMetrics for companies that are planning to hire a PPC firm. And, that are already using a PPC firm.


How B2B Businesses Are Tackling Social Media In 2014

Real Business Rescue, UK, put together an infographic visualizing how B2B companies are adopting social media for marketing purposes, and how it continues to serve their needs.


How To Build a Keyword Matrix [and Why You Need One]

The Eagle is a huge fan of Nick Eubanks for his obsession with super in-depth keyword research. Head over to learn how to build your own keyword matrices by charting out user intent, search volume and SERP competitiveness. Under manual penalty

The Google Web Spam team is now (to put it subtly) a few sandwiches short of a picnic. They went and penalized Portent! That’s not a manual penalty, Ian. It’s a simian penalty.


15 Must-Follow Pinterest Boards for Bloggers

The last place to look for blogging advice, you thought? Think again! Some of the brainiest members of the blogosphere have nice little treasure chests, all opened up on Pinterest, as Jerry Low tells us on Right Mix Marketing.


Introducing the new Webmaster Academy

Google revamped the Webmaster Academy that it launched a couple of years ago with new content to help you “understand the basics of creating a website and having it found in Google Search.”


Hi Julie! Did You Know What An Idiot You Are?

More SEO-spam mails that managed to piss off even someone the likes of Julie Joyce! No wonder, regular people think Google’s right to let them sneaky marketers have it!