Hi again! E2M Eagle has finished his holiday shopping and is back with new tidbits of interesting developments in technical SEO, ad targeting and analytics. This week we’re featuring more articles from the big blogs – they’ve been living up to their names! No best-of-2013 posts here though… let’s give it another week.


Analytics: A Beginner’s Guide To Data Visualization


Google (and other) Analytics is like Maths class in school – few claim to do well! So Benjamin Spiegel of Catalyst makes life easier for you with some tips on data visualization and dashboards using pro tools.


Hit By Panda and Confused About Low-Quality Content? Run This Google Analytics Report Now


Google Panda recovery isn’t easy, but it is possible. Glenn Gabe points you to the right path at Search Engine Watch – learn how to investigate top landing pages, percentage drops and bounce rates.


100+ Ad Agencies To Follow On Twitter


Wondering what advertising agencies you should be following on Twitter? Marketing Land just saved you hours of research and agonizing. Go to this Twitter list and click Follow, Follow, Follow…


How to Increase Your LinkedIn Engagement by 386%


The Eagle simply loves Neil Patel. That’s why he regularly picks on him… uh, pecks on him… uh, never mind. The Big Deal has an infographic that shows you how to increase engagement on LinkedIn by that unsayable-in-public number-in-the-title.


Improving URL removals on third-party sites


A couple of days ago, Google launched a public URL removal tool to help you request removal of pages on other people’s websites from search results, based on changes to those pages. You can use this when you want snippets or cached pages updated/removed.


Google’s Slaughter of Guest Posts – It’s Here (Proof)


Sandra Goldstein of KrillOil.com got one of her links from a legit guest post marked as “unnatural” by Google. That led her to claim that the guest post party is over. Click for details.


Five Things Bing Does Better Than Google


No, Bing doesn’t serve free coffee. But it presents some other free stuff in a better way than Google, claims Eric Ravenscraft on Lifehacker. Head over and see for yourself!


How Ad Retargeting Ruined Christmas


Danny Sullivan explains how retargeting has left no surprises for families using the same computer! Everything you’re buying for Christmas will continue to show up until the big day. Well, we always knew there’s no Santa…


Rel=”Nofollow”: Summing up What We Know


You thought nofollow was analyzed to death? Think again. Ann Smarty asks (and answers) all the killer questions again on IMN: Do nofollow links pass juice after all? Authorship? Should you disavow them?


From Old School to New School: SEO in Transition


Eric Enge details how an SEO’s roles and responsibilities have changed over time, and how the new school SEO professional is part of a larger, integrated marketing team.


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