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It’s Friday again and the Eagle is back. :) No, he’s not been kicking a ball around or flying over Brazil. He’s been hard at work getting the spiciest nuggets in search marketing for you! CRO and negative SEO received more than their usual share of attention the past week. Scroll (and click) away!


Google Panda 4, and blocking your CSS & JS


A neat example from Joost de Valk of a site that got hit by Panda 4.0 because its CSS and JS files were blocked from being crawled. If Google can’t see your ads, they assume you’re overdoing them.


Case Study – How I Increased Conversions by 785% in One Day (Without A/B Testing)


Super shout-out to Brian Dean for this exact roadmap on how to offer (and take advantage of) a Content Upgrade along with your top performing blog posts. Do this and standby for subscribers.


48 things you should remember from Elitecamp


There’s a new conference on the block and it leaves all the rest behind! Maurice Beerthuyzen has put together a 48-point checklist of the choicest wins discussed at Elitecamp, including testing, conversion and usability wins.


Elite Camp 2014 – Why This Was The Best Conference Of The Year


Our friends at HitReach are all praise for Elitecamp too! Patrick Hathaway lists the best actionable insights (from Brian Massey, André Morys, Craig Sullivan and others) that flowed freely in “the first startup country” last week.


Magento SEO FAQs


Magento continues to baffle Ecommerce SEOs and developers alike with its steady stream of new problems. Or old ones, come to that. Paul Rogers points us to solutions to a few of these.


Google Analytics Resource Guide of Epic Proportions


One of the most well-structured and concise guides to Google Analytics out of the Analytics Help Center. This has got something for marketers at any level of GA expertise. Kudos to Kaitlin Ziessler of Builtvisible!




Talk about feeling about for teeth in the lion’s mouth! A vendor Microsoft hired to promote IE (is that even possible?) went about offering money for posts to bloggers (including none other than Michael Arrington). Microsoft was quick to disown him.


If Negative SEO is Possible, We Need an Irrefutable, Public Example


Ignore the “if” in the headline. Rand admits negative SEO exists, but he’s looking for a site to be sacrificed in public. Hit him up if you have a healthy goat to spare. And don’t miss the discussion in the comments between Rand and Ammon Johns.


Sorry: Negative SEO Does Exist


A follow up to Rand’s post from Martin MacDonald, with a quick-and-dirty analysis and evidence of a site being hit by negative SEO. Sad but true.


Should You Write Controversial Blog Posts? A Data Driven Answer


Neil uses bad language in headline, Neil gets hate mail, Neil loses subscribers. But if you’re monetizing your blog, he recommends you give controversy a try all the same! Don’t we just love him? He da man!

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