A round-up shouldn’t be hard, given the amount of content that is produced in our industry, but when you get down to it, you realize how extensively and how copiously the chaff outweighs and engulfs the wheat. We’ve got some finely sifted stuff on PPC, email marketing and reputation management here though.


8-Hour Plan for Proactive Reputation Management for Small Business Owners


Reputation. Have you got any? Brian Patterson from Go Fish Digital expounds at AllBusiness Experts on how to protect it. Monitoring, socializing, creating and promoting are the key activities you can undertake on this path.


Google Analytics Hostname Report – Great for Troubleshooting


Anna Lewis of Koozai continues to shine her torch along the dark and scary GA alleyways (Technology > Network) that nobody walks down. You must check this out if you’re troubleshooting traffic anomalies or planning a cross-domain strategy.


6 Signs Your Email Newsletter is Failing (and How You Can Fix It)


Newsletters are as unremarkable as flyers from your local supermarket aren’t they? Yet, you need them. And if you need them, you need to measure them. Ginny Soskey of HubSpot tells you how to look for signs of rust on your newsletters.


Are You Ready for Pubcon?


PubCon Las Vegas gets underway this Monday. You don’t want to miss it for all the chips in Mandalay Bay. Veteran speaker and social influencer Warren Whitlock dishes out some tips on how you can prepare for and get maximum benefit from this mother of all conferences.


How to Compete with Kim Kardashian’s Ass


The post doesn’t answer the question. But it makes you painfully aware of the magnitude, complexity (and splendor) of the competition that your website faces. Thanks, Lyndon.


Move Over Content Marketing: Why Creating Tools Can be a Better Investment Than Creating Content


Neil Patel claims he spent $45,000 on Quick Sprout’s new (and free) website analyzer tool. He also tells us why tool creation beats content creation, backlink-wise, traffic-wise and loyalty-wise. Interested?


9 Rookie PPC Mistakes That Drive Me Crazy


This post is an aide-mémoire of the PPC basics that you mustn’t mustn’t mustn’t forget. And it’s an instant hit because of the GIFs that bring a smile to your face. Kudos to Sarah Peduzzi of Lunar Metrics.


How to Set Up a Podcast: Clear Instructions for the Uninitiated


Another good one from the HubSpot blog this week. Clear and concise instructions on how you can set up your own podcast for your business using just an iPad, iTunes, and a web browser.


Will Google Punish a Guest Posting Strategy Due to Unnatural Link Patterns?


Get the answer to this much-discussed and much-debated question straight from the racehorse’s mouth: Eric Ward, guest posting on Search Engine Watch.


There’s No Such Thing as a “Permanent” Local Data Record


Howard Lerman goes right into the heart of how business listings are stored and displayed by local data publishers, and the benefits of using an overlay such as Yext, rather than taking a “spray and pray” approach.