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SMX London was held earlier this week and of course the Eagle has brought you some tips and tricks, along with more of the regular stuff, including stories from the mainstream media and an infographic. OK then, go get your reading glasses!


136 Tips From SMX London 2014 Day One (#SMX) & 190 Tips From SMX London 2014 Day Two (#SMX)

http://www.koozai.com/blog/news/events-news/smx-london-2014-day-1/ & http://www.koozai.com/blog/news/events-news/smx-london-2014-day-2/

Here are the promised tips from SMX – Emma North attended the Eagle’s preferred SEO and Advanced tracks, and jotted down some far-reaching insights on long-term SEO, rich snippets, display marketing, and more.


Both Guns Blazing: SEO ain’t what it used to be


If you or your clients still can’t stop reminiscing about the “good old days of SEO” pre-2010, Mike Arnesen has some sage advice on how to get over it and take an objective look at your website.


6 Steps to Build a Social Listening Dashboard


Super-useful tips from Marcela De Vivo on Social Media Examiner for tracking mentions and conversations that relate to you, finding interesting content to talk about, and using the right tools to optimize all of these.


Meet the Italian Man Who Beat Google to Web Search (and Gave It Away for Free)


Before you scream “Thief!” at Google, remember that the headline is not the story. That said, this is an interesting article about how PageRank came to be and the creator of its precursor.


More Lousy Adwords Advice From Google


Steve Gibson dissects Google’s recently released “Keywords to the Wise” guide and demonstrates that most of this is half-baked advice that could in fact cost you money if you aren’t careful.


How to Create Magic on Vine in 6 Seconds


Head over to Jeff Bullas’ blog for some great examples from Joe Cox on how to do marketing in six seconds with Vine. With such inherent proclivity to shareable content, no wonder Vine was the fastest growing app in 2013.


Search Marketers’ Greatest Fears [Infographic]


Building upon BuzzSumo’s list of fears that keep marketers awake at night (which the Eagle brought to you earlier), the guys at Referral Candy have chalked up a Halloween-esque infographic vividly describing the nightmares Google is giving us.


How to Pitch: Outreach Tips from Journalists


The title says it all. Kevin Raposo brings you advice straight from the horse’s – er, journalists’ – mouth on how to go about approaching editors and reporters if you want your hay to be eaten. Sorry, pitches to be considered.




SEMRush can safely close down their support department because Rishil Lakhani has written THE guide to using it. Find out how to squeeze this mother-of-all-tools for keyword research, checking rankings, monitoring competitors, and just about anything else.


Testify! How to Wield the Power of Your Brand Testimonials


Turn your strengths into your forte. Learn what makes up perfect testimonials and how to use them to your advantage. You don’t need Joel Klettke to tell you that “It works!” but you should certainly take his word for it.

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