This week we are back with a heady mix of the latest on affiliate marketing, content strategy, changes to social media networks and plain old fun (with Easter eggs being discovered in the unlikeliest of places). Flare up the shares!


Snapchat Spurned $3 Billion Acquisition Offer from Facebook

There’s a lot of interest in Snapchat, a fast-growing messaging service. They reportedly said the N-word to Zuckerboy because the Chinese owners of WeChat are offering a billion more!


Why Your SEO Strategy Needs to Keep Pace with Google’s Help Desk Mentality

With Google playing nanny to your search queries, Adam Dince of Deluxe Corp. gives some great pointers to where semantic search is heading, at the Conductor Blog.


Where Is At: A Chat With Google’s R.V. Guha

Another semantic search indicator – Jenny Zaino at Semantic Web Blog caught hold of Google’s Ramanathan Guha at the International Semantic Web Conference in Sydney for an interview. Here are the excerpts.


What Does Good Affiliate Management Cost?

How much would it cost for merchants to hire a good affiliate manager (what qualifies as one?) and how can they decide a pricing structure? Find out what Joe Sousa thinks.


New Google+ Profile Layout

Have you been to Google+ lately? Yes, it does have some text beyond those “gigantonormous” cover photos, which are now gone (for good, we hope). Sugar Rae was one of the first to notice.


The Secret to Headlines That Attract Readers & Shares Every Time [Research]

As readers increasingly grow impervious to “catchy” headlines, new secrets of attraction continue to tumble out of marketing psychologists’ closets. Heidi Cohen has curated some good advice from the copywriting biggies here.


1200 Outreach Emails Got Me This?

Josh Haynam of Interact reports some actionable data from the frontlines of blogger outreaching. If ever there was an emphasis on the upshots of persistence, politeness and timeliness in email outreach, this is it.


Google voice search easter egg

Google Voice Search has a surprise for fans of Doctor Who. Ask it “When am I?” and you get this reply: “The present, of course. TARDIS functionality is still undergoing development. Sorry.” If you don’t get it, try using an Android phone.


A Pin On Pinterest Is Worth 25% More In Sales Than Last Year, Can Drive Visits & Orders For Months

Have your doubts on Pinterest’s ability to drive ROI? Think again. Or better, head over to Tech Crunch, which clearly thinks this new data from Piqora is worth looking at.


Stop trying to please Google with SEO and start properly hyper targeting your audience

Hyper targeting is the new SEO. Don’t know what that is? If you didn’t catch Richard Baxter explaining it at Mozcon, you can do so now at TNW. Whip out your Followerwonk!