SMX West has just concluded after 60 marathon sessions on SEO, social, mobile and almost everything the Eagle likes. Meanwhile, it was business as usual elsewhere on the web and here’s your weekly market ticker…


Premium Video Ads on Facebook

Taking a leaf out of Instagram videos, Facebook will now show 15-second long, soundless video ads in your feed. Slowly scroll past… If you tap on these, they’ll take over your screen (and speakers). Businesses can buy ads based on TGR points, as in TV.


Google Now Targeting Italian & Spanish Link Spammers

The Google spamwagon is traveling again! They were in Germany last month and now they’re visiting Spain and Italy. Friendly reminders from tour guide Matt Cutts here.


Pretty much every SEO myth in one spam email

Don’t we *love* those awesome insights from SEO experts that we can file for future use in our important Spam folder? Makes the Eagle wish he was a pigeon who delivered these mails! Cheers, Gradiva!


The Incomplete Google Ranking Signals, Part 1

We’ve seen the resurgence of posts listing Google’s ranking signals recently. Ignore those and get the real signals straight from Bill Slawski – backed by analysis instead of speculation, for a change. Look forward to more in this series!


How Do Hundreds of New Top Level Domains Impact Your Branding Strategy?

Tad Chef does a great job charting the problems and opportunities brands have (and the fun they can have) as a result of the scores of top level domains that have been made available to us.


16 Podcast Hosting Tips I Learned From Marketing Smarts

Kerry O’Shea Gorgone shares some lessons in hosting podcasts from her 40 weeks of experience with the Marketing Smarts podcast. Valuable thoughts on how to treat your guests and your audience.


Why Amit Singhal’s Swiss Army Knife Isn’t Reassuring

Amit Singhal, Google’s Head of Search, likened their current search results to a Swiss knife recently. Takeshi Young makes a good case why webmasters and content producers should be wary of how this knife is being used to scrape business off their sites.


A Content Marketing Plan for Turning Your Influencers Into Partners

Posts on “influencer marketing” and “influencer targeting” are all the rage at the moment. Amanda Maksymiw lends sense, structure and direction to the mad rush with a roadmap to understand influencers and team up with them for long-term benefit.


Are your customers talking about you on Secret?

If you aren’t tapping into the Secret iOS app as a business, start now! You just might be getting “audience engagement” there. Head over to Buzzstarter to see how it works.



It’s being claimed that KGO is the new SEO. AJ Kohn gives us some great pointers to how the KG extracts entities from queries, and draws relevant data from Google Maps, Google+ and third-party sites.


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