Happy Valentine’s Day to all marketers worldwide! The Eagle is thrilled to spread his love of content, free tools, blogging, coding and optimization of all things digital today. He also hopes your love for promotion and promotion of love will never end!


Google Webmaster Guidelines Adds Not To Block Google Ads With Robots.txt


A quick note by Barry Schwartz at SER on an update to the Google webmaster guidelines. Google did an about-turn on their earlier directive of blocking AdSense and other ads.


Brands Take Note: Bloggers are Journalists in the Eyes of the Law


An American court stated that “a First Amendment distinction between the institutional press and other speakers is unworkable.” Kerry Gorgone discusses the impact on bloggers and brands at {grow}.


Mammoth Guide to Webmaster Tools for SEO


Noobs, read this and you’ll rarely miss easy wins or make critical mistakes again. A well-written introduction to Google Webmaster Tools with screenshots, videos and tables. Way to go, Craig!


8 Lies About Content Marketing You Probably Believe


If you believe in hooey such as “content marketing is the new link building” or “long/short content is the best,” Joel Klettke will set you straight. A must read if you want to call yourself a content marketer.


Infinite scroll search-friendly recommendations


Google’s Webmaster Central blog came out with a post recommending how to handle infinite scroll on your feed, pinboard or other pages. These become crawler-friendly when you divide them into components and paginate them.


Hey, I’m Dr. Pete Meyers, Marketing Scientist @ Moz. AMA.


Dr. Pete answered some interesting questions on reddit about OSE, monitors, local SEO, technical SEO, what he wants to know from Google, Darth Vader vs. Captain Kirk, and what he wants his kids to be when they grow up.


10 Free Twitter Tools You Might Not Know about but Should Probably Be Using


More stuff for newbies. If you wanna be a great marketer, Twitter’s your network. Rishona Campbell lists out some cool tools to help you get started with analytics, hashtags and engagement there.


Google authorship: the free ride is over


We have a double-dose of Joel this week. Blog authors used to seeing their faces in the Google SERPs are in for a shocker. If you aren’t an expert or don’t feature in a big publication, your free authorship ride is over.


Optimize NOW For Entities and Relationships


Egosurfing has a new definition! Don’t miss Bill Sebald’s story of how he became famous on Google and his lucid explanation of where entity-based search is heading and how you can leverage the relationships therein.


10 Landing Page Examples That’ll Make You Propose or Toss the Ring


A Valentine’s Day special for your UX- and CRO-loving sweethearts from Unbounce. Eric Sioan has on display here a few landing pages that trigger a pheromone release, and others that leave you heartbroken.


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