E2M Eagle’s Eye

What’s happening, folks? Matt Cutts announced another Payday Loan algo update at SMX Advanced that concluded in Seattle yesterday. Apart from that, there’s always a lot of news to keep up with in digital, social, search marketing and the like, but rest assured – the Eagle’s Eye takes it all in!


Digital Marketing’s Massive Measurement Lies


How much do you trust branded search, retargeting, attributions and view-through reporting? If you, as a marketer, have earned business owners’ trust on the basis of fancy numbers, you’re due for an eye opener.


Beware Facebook EdgeRank Scammers


Facebook still runs bogus ads that are unrelated to the page they’re promoting, and created with the sole purpose of enticing likes. The images used in these ads are misleading and frequently violate copyright, as Murray Newlands illustrates on AllFacebook.


Everything You Need To Know About AdWords Ad Extensions – Updated


Sam Owens of Hanapin Marketing (PPC Hero) has updated his deck for the “Advanced Tactics for AdWords Ad Extensions” presentation he delivered at PPC Masters in Hamburg. 138 gripping slides.


10 Tips to Craft a Sizzling E-Commerce ‘About Us’ Page


The oft-forgotten About Us page on your online store can prove to be a brilliant sales winner if used judiciously. 10 tips and examples from Linda Rosencrance on KISSmetrics.


I am Paddy Moogan, VP London at Distilled and author of The Link Building Book. AMA


One of the most interesting and informative AMAs to date on the /bigseo subreddit. Paddy Moogan answered nearly 50 people, including those who wanted to know his price for a link, suggestions for an appropriate job title, and learn “neat” SEO tricks.


An In-Depth Inbound Marketing Audit of Buffer


Eli Overbey, a buffer-lover like us, has done an extensive and constructive audit of their site. Includes web structure, HTML markup, backlinks, redirects, calls to actions and social media.


17 Quick Answers to Your Questions About the New ‘Google My Business’


Google Maps to Google Local to Google Places to Google+ Local to Google My Business – I’m sure you’d have at least 17 questions just about what the thing’s called! However, if you happen to have any about how it works, Bas van den Beld is your man.


Are your own sites harming your SEO strategy?


Keyword cannibalization, duplication, domain conflict, similar theming and semantic flux – all of these can combine in different ways to destroy your little band of sites. Sam Silverwood-Cope explains how on Econsultancy.




If you’re still taking baby steps with +Post ads, here’s a nifty guide from Shuki Mann to help you promote your Google+ posts and hangouts on the AdWords Display Network.


Why Apple Doesn’t Tweet


Because they choose not to.