We’re back again with another round-up of posts making news (or noise) in search, analytics, social and elsewhere. Let’s see what the Eagle (he likes hummingbirds, by the way) has brought back this week…


Chrome Extension: Analytics Woman


A horse trudges slowly into a pub and orders a drink. “Evenin’” says the barman, “why the long face?” See the connection? A must-have for those who really, truly hate the Analytics woman.


Hummingbird – The Opposite of Long-Tail Search


Ammon Johns takes on the bigwigs in his assessment of Hummingbird. To cut a long tail short, he says Google gives you what you want – not what you ask for!


The Definitive Guide to Copywriting


Neil Patel is at it again. There’s no stopping the flow of ultimate, advanced, definitive, comprehensive and other all-pervasive guides from Quick Sprout. Don’t miss this one.


Introducing SEOgadget for Excel


Richard Baxter announced the next generation of Excel extensions from SEOGadget, sporting a brand new PDF guide, SEMrush and Grepwords APIs for keyword research, and improved Majestic SEO API for backlink data.


Google Scoring Gibberish Content to Demote Pages in Rankings?


Master patent analyst Bill Slawski talks about Google’s new patent that describes how they might score content on how much Gibberish it might contain, which could then be used to demote pages in search results.


There won’t be a PageRank update before 2014


That’s what Matt Cutts said, in reply to Neil Bosch’s question, on Twitter. So much for PR watchers.


Refreshing our iOS Mobile Search Experience


Yahoo rolled out a new search experience for iOS mobile web in the U.S. The new design reflects the PC search update they made earlier this year.


Bing Places is Now Available in the United Kingdom and Canada


Bing Places finally broke free from the shackles of the US border.  Businesses in the UK and Canada will welcome this addition.


Lies, Damned Lies & Email Best Practices


Tom Sather of Return Path shares some startling revelations about the ineffectiveness of perceived best practices in email marketing. Guess one size fits all doesn’t apply to best practices.


Find great places (and friends) nearby, right now, with the newly-updated Foursquare.


Foursquare turned on real-time recommendations for iPhone users. They are also giving you more data on what your friends have been doing and who’s hanging around near you at the moment.