E2M Eagle’s Eye

How was your week? Are you ready for a quick exploration of the latest in PPC, online advertising, conversions and marketing tools? The E2M Eagle has landed and he’s brought back enough food for thought to keep you munching over the weekend. Read on!


SMS – the eCommerce Marketers ‘Secret’ Weapon


While relentlessly chasing the latest tools to increase ecommerce sales, you never once stepped back to look at the tiny, humble text message, did you? Chris Ryan explains how to polish this gem that has been lying around unnoticed.


Dealing with PPC “not provided”


The big PPC scare came last month – “not provided” has set its sights on AdWords data. However, things haven’t turned out badly so far. Some good tips and workarounds from Arianne Donoghue at State of Digital.


A Quick History of Facebook Advertising


Molly McCarty walks us through the evolution of intents, ad types and targeting using Facebook ads, starting with a nice chart on the company’s growing revenue from advertising.


The Why And How of Creating ‘Snackable’ Content


Quick recipes for scrumptious, bite-sized helpings of easy-to-digest content. Cooked by Sonakshi Babbar in the Visual Website Optimizer kitchen.


“…we currently treat the new TLDs as gTLDs”


Good news for those of you worried about being bandied as spammers if you don’t have a .com or .org domain. Google’s John Mueller said that they’ll treat all new TLDs as generic unless found otherwise.


Pivot Tables Made Easy: The Last Demo You’ll Need


We love the guys at PPC Hero for their uncanny ability to lay bare fairly complex tools and processes within a few minutes. Carrie Albright of Hanapin shows how to craft pivot tables for Mobile Performance and Display Placements from segmented reports in a jiffy.


3 Domain Search Tools to Bookmark


Head over to the IMN blog where Ann Smarty reveals untapped resources for reputation management research: Reddit, Wikipedia and Pinterest.


The 4 Hour SEO Work Week


Tim Ferriss looking for a career change? Not exactly. But James Agate is certainly looking to change our perceptions of SEO and marketing work with suggestions for a proactive, process- and priority-based approach.


6 Conversion Rate Optimization Case Studies With Surprising Results


Lessons learned from no-name to big-name ecommerce brands on how a few researched and tested tweaks can result in a bigger bottom line. Masterful breakdowns and explanations by Ott Niggulis.




How do you gauge the profitability of paid ads over organic listings? How do you know if the next amount of incremental ad spending is beneficial? Jason Bruggemann answers on the 3Q Digital blog.