Hey peeps! How was your week? If you’ve gotten over the initial shock and fright at Matt Cutts’ guest blogging threat – erm, warning – then here’s the Eagle with more penalty news and reasons to be scared. Looks like Halloween all over again!


Halifax Bank Google SEO Penalty


Martin MacDonald digs into SearchMetrics, Majestic SEO and the Google Cache to throw light on the skeletons that have come back to haunt Halifax bank.


1 Horse Sized Content Piece Vs 20 Duck Sized Content Pieces


Who’s the winner in the Big Content vs. Consistency fight for your blog and posts? Some cool umpiring from Patrick Hathaway at HitReach.


Manual actions – Spammy structured markup


Google has started penalizing sites for spammy structured markup. They’re coming after your false reviews, misleading tags and invisible markup. Time to clean up!


Enhanced Campaigns 1 Year Later


Matt Umbro asked PPC experts such as Nate Knox, Anthony Corragio and Heather Cooan on Streamcap about their opinions on AdWords’ Enhanced Campaigns, which are now a year old. The transcribe is a must-read.


Warning: Reading May Cause Your Hat to Fall Off


Not really, if you’re not wearing one in the first place. A good look by Glen Allsop at Google’s doublespeak, how they’re guiding the SEO world towards eventual self-censoring, and how links built in the past are still affecting results.


I Became an Entity: How I’m on the Knowledge Graph


You’ve heard about algorithms turning into animals and thinking like humans. But Krystian Szastok went a step further and became a Google-certified entity. Read how on YouMoz.


How Can BusinessInsider.com Blatantly Sell Links For So Long?


…asked a user called luxuryinbc on Inbound.org. Business Insider doesn’t nofollow links on their sponsored posts. You can read the comments, but there’s no satisfactory answer.


Hey BuzzFeed, Search Traffic is Doing Just Fine


Buzzfeed claimed earlier this year that Facebook has whizzed past Google as the most important referral source to publishers. Not actually, according to research from Marshall Simmonds and his team at Define Media.


Wow! See How Much Screen Real Estate Google Is Giving Rivals In Its EU Antitrust Settlement


It appears as if there’s just one entity that’s firmly above Google. No it’s not God, it’s the EU. They forced Google to concede screen real estate to its rivals. Another masterpiece from stalwart Danny Sullivan on SEL.


40 Fears That Keep Search Marketers Awake at Night


One that appeals to your deepest emotions – Read Henley Wing’s hair-raising account on the Buzzsumo blog about the nightmares 40 search experts are having about the industry. And you thought there was nothing scarier than a penalty?


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