Thanksgiving is behind us, Christmas is on the horizon… the digital marketing world is awash with tips and tricks on how to take advantage of the holiday season and rake in profits! Eagle here, however, simply wants to bring you news – interesting stuff that serves to intensify the “holiday anticipation” mood! We also have some interesting developments for content marketing aficionados.

And hey, Google just updated PageRank as we write this! Unsurprisingly, ours doubled (visualise smug smile here).


12 Ad Copy Tips To Try For The Holidays

Let’s start with advice on how to keep your AdWords cash register rattling. Amber Speer of 3Q Digital has 12 cool ideas on words to use in your ad copy. Writers, SEM guys, take note.


Yandex SEO is maybe not dead, but links are

So someone killed link building again? Yes! Alexander Sadovskiy, Head of Web Search at Yandex, announced that in 2014 they will roll out a new ranking algorithm that does not takes links into consideration, Anna Oshkalo reports. CSI: Moscow is investigating.


Who Should Own Your Content? Join the #GreatDebate

HubSpot kicked off a day-long #GreatDebate, which existed before and continues elsewhere without the hashtag: Writers vs. Evil Companies battling it out in Godzilla vs. Predator style. Go check out, especially the Ghostwriter’s view from Lisa Gulasy!


Google’s Growing Patent Stockpile

The search giant says patents are rubbish. Yet it’s accumulating more of them than ever. Maybe they need some to defend Android, according to Antonio Regalado of the MIT Tech Review.


SEO christmas campaigns: Did you use your summer months wisely?

A stitch in time saves nine. Heard that before? Well, here’s some advice from Agnete Tøien Pedersen on how to get ripped during the winter so that you can show off on the beach in summer. Uh, sorry, it’s the reverse. And I should add it’s for your SEO campaigns.


Facebook Algorithm Update Cracks Down on Memes in the Name of “Quality” Content

Ginny Soskey’s been busy this week. This time it’s bad news for wise guys like our winged friend the E2M Eagle. Facebook has decided that memes don’t constitute “high quality” content and will dump them from their News Feed in favour of – duh – news and ads.


12 Content Marketing Books to Add to Your Holiday Gift List

Books make perfect gifts for content marketers, whether they’re family, friends or staff. Content Marketing Institute has turned this into an annual holiday bestseller list. Some good ones here.


Do I Hate Google?

Tad Chef rants about why he’s apparently a Google-hater and gives you reason to not suck up to them. But he promises to treat Google like just another disgruntled teenager now (and hopefully praise their positive actions, if any).


The Year in Review with Bing: Most Searched Advertising Campaigns and Brands

Want to know which brands did well with their ad campaigns? Bing has shared some search data. Old Spice, the old favourite tops GoDaddy, Pepsi and others!


After working +1200 hours in oDesk

One for you freelancers: Lessons from an internet marketer with 1200 hours on Odesk – insights on ratings, budget, bid copy and A/B testing your profile image.