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The SAScon conference is on in Manchester, and Day 2 is well underway as we round up this week’s online marketing happenings. The Eagle is following up on topics that refuse to die down, including eBay, Facebook reach, and Vivint vs. Nest.


8 Types of Twitter Cards Businesses Are Using


Are you using Twitter cards? I’m sure you’re not using them enough! Nice dissection of the different types of cards and how to use them by Kristi Hines on Social Media Examiner.


The Anatomy of a Perfect Web Page (2014)


Hitreach updated their evergreen narrative of the perfect web page earlier this week. Trustworthy, up-to-date advice on how to do your web copy, design, on-site SEO, coding and CTAs. We’re loving it, and you will too!


Organic Reach on Facebook: Your Questions Answered


Facebook’s Ads Product Marketing lead Brian Boland tried to assuage marketers that they aren’t being hoodwinked ;) with statements such as “Many large marketing platforms have seen declines in organic reach,” “Organic content still has value on Facebook,” and “We’ll always innovate on behalf of the people who use Facebook.”


A Content Marketer’s Guide to Data Scraping


Matthew Barby reveals some serious (and easy) ways to scrape author influence metrics, social counts, post meta data, and just about anything else from blogs. All you need is Excel and some basic code!


No SEO, No Paid Search – So What the Heck IS eBay’s Search Strategy?


eBay has concluded that paid search offers no measurable benefit. Their online ad strategy is hit-and-miss. Their efforts at organic search are certainly not exceptional, as we all know now. What, then, works for them, wonders our friend Larry Kim?




You’ve agonized enough about what Google thinks of your anchor text. Start worrying about what your site visitors think of them for a change. Click on “View Demo” for creative inspiration for inline anchor styles. Thanks to Mary Lou of Tympanus.


Multilingual SEO: It’s Actually a Pretty Big Challenge for Google to Determine the Language of a Query


Ever wondered how difficult it is for bots to comprehend your intent, when you yourself find it so hard to understand people with whom you spend hours every day? Eli Schwartz of SurveyMonkey breaks down Google’s query parsing mechanism on SEJ.


5 Reasons Why Pitching International SEO is a Pain


Where there is multilingual, there is multinational. It’s not straightforward, but it isn’t a lost cause either. David Cato addresses your geographical, cultural, linguistic, algorithmic, situational and budgetary worries on SEW.




Okay, Google didn’t penalize Vivint to benefit Nest… is what Matt Cutts wants us to believe. Elena Terenteva presents some fresh SEMrush backlink data so you can form your own conclusions. The wise Eagle would say you can’t beat sheer brand-money-power! ;)


941% Traffic Increase Exploiting the Synonyms SEO Ranking Technique


Bill Slawski set the synonym-SEO wheel turning, and now Razvan Gavrilas of CognitiveSEO has it spinning like a top. Here are some quick wins achievable with the clever use of words in your web copy and elements. Never mind the percentage, read the post.

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