Today, we’re delighted to launch a quick weekly round-up of the latest in the search and digital marketing industry. We’ll be roving all corners of the web, taking a wholesome perspective, and attempting to bring you 10 informative and engaging posts published over the past week every Friday. Happy reading!


Surviving the (Not Provided) Apocalypse

Google went full guns blazing with (not provided) – is it the end of all organic keyword research? Joel Klettke goes salvaging through the remains on the iAcquire blog.


How to Start Your Own SEO Business: Q&A With 14 Leading SEO Experts

Krystian Szatok is emerging as a regular on the UK SEO scene, and here he interviews 14 SEO experts to give us a peek into their ways of doing business and their daily lives.


Introducing Google Partners: Connecting small businesses with trusted partners

Google has changed their AdWords certification program, introducing “Google Partners.” Getting certified in AdWords is now free (formerly $50 USD per exam) and mobile-friendly. Worldwide changes will roll out by next month.


The Future of Search: 2013 Search Engine Ranking Factors Released

Every couple of years, Moz surveys leading industry professionals to get their opinion of the factors that influence Google rankings. This year’s list is out – we have figures on around 120 factors.


Challenging the Bing-It-On Challenge

Ian Ayres at Freakonomics takes Bing head on and debunks Microsoft’s tall claims that people prefer Bing search results to Google by a ratio of 2:1. Google’s Matt Cutts jumped on this too!


Ten Best Alternatives to Google Analytics

With the (not provided) fire raging on, Aidan Huang takes a look at some alternatives to Google Analytics. Will you jump ship or hang on?


The Kind Of SEO I Want To Be

Bill Sebald, probably the most experienced SEO in Philadelphia, takes a look at the SEO within, and also muses on where the industry is heading as a whole.


The Complete Guide to YouTube Optimization

YouTube keeps changing so much that an optimization guide is outdated almost as soon as it’s published. Don’t let that deter you from reading the latest basic but comprehensive guide to YouTube optimization.


Google Web Designer Launched In Public Beta

Google launched Web Designer, a new HTML5 design tool, in public beta. WebProNews was one of the first to report on this and examine the implications for creating both sites and ads.


First Look at New Page Insights for Facebook: Cleaner, Richer and (Actually) Insightful

Facebook’s Page Insights has recently undergone a major makeover. Link Assistant’s Alesia Krush checked it out from a variety of perspectives and shared the results over at Search Engine Journal.