E2M Eagle’s Eye

So how do you peeps like the Eagle’s refurbished, renovated and revamped nest? He’s one happy guy I tell you! E2M Solutions is now E2M! And we hope to bring you more value and more strategies to help you get your marketing right. If there’s something you’d like to say about the website or rebranding, the Eagle is all ears!

This week, we’re covering mostly discussions, chats and banters taking place amongst the search industry crowd, in an attempt to kick off E2M’s renewed focus on simple ways to address complex challenges faced by businesses by creating informed conversations.


So You Have a Mobile-Friendly Website. What Now?


The answer to that is miles long. If you just made it to the “mobile friendly” peak, Bridget Randolph is waiting to point you to the bigger mountain beyond. She demonstrates the right tactics with excellent examples for an “online everywhere” implementation.


I am Larry Kim, Founder/CTO of Wordstream, Ask Me Anything


Larry’s AMA on Inbound.org got great traction ahead of time with lots of questions on paid search, PR, hiring and operations. Larry responded in depth to most of them.


How do you currently handle content creation for clients?


This is steaming hot on Inbound.org. Our friend Joel – one of the best content writers of all time – got curious about how people actually approach the task. And whizzes like David Konigsberg, AJ Ghergich, Jake Jordan and Jess Hutton were generous in their response.


17 PR Professionals Share Their Best Pitching Tips


Ritika Puri, another great writer the Eagle admires, reached out to some of the smartest PR minds for tips on pitching stories and content. Go grab them from the BuzzStream blog!


Calm Down. Facebook Is Not Screwing You.


Is your organic reach on Facebook going down? What else did you expect, asks Michael Lazerow, member of their “Creative Council.” This is what happens with every digital breakthrough. The early bird gets the worm. If you didn’t, eat cake.


Broken pencils are pointless.


A nostalgic and thought-provoking conversation between industry veterans Jennifer Ledbetter and Michael Martinez. Don’t form any conclusions, just observe how one tweet led to another!




The Eagle never fails to spot the latest from Bill Slawski, who’s got an eagle eye of his own for Google’s patents. Read Bill’s noteworthy observations on the Panda patent on the new SEO by the Sea. (This redesign bug is contagious, isn’t it?)


I’m Rae Hoffman, AKA Sugarrae, CEO of PushFire – AMA


Affiliate marketing authority Sugar Rae tells all in this Reddit AMA – how she takes on clients, how she handles operations, the pros and cons of being a redneck, and above all, how to rank for payday loans.


If People Don’t Link to Porn Sites, How Does Google Rank Porn?


Elisa Gabbert revisits Matt Cutts’ favorite question, which has interesting implications for the Popularity vs. Authority consideration in search results. Spoiler: “However Google ranks porn is the future of search.”


Matt Cutts’ Guest Blog on the Secrets to Ranking in Google


Matt Cutts’ best-timed guest post to date, complete with a broken link to his company from the author bio. Get your notebook (and passbook) out! And don’t miss the comments!