The marketing mavens and digital doyens have returned from PubCon, told their tales and made their predictions. But here we cover the other posts – the ones that mostly hid from the limelight.


How to Build a Community on Reddit: Q&A with Clayburn Griffin (@Clayburn)

How many of you claim to rise above spam and understand the art, science and emotions behind Reddit? Read on for the story behind the BigSEO subreddit.


Parallax scrolling and SEO are 100% compatible – clearing up the misconception

Carla Dawson clears up the smoke around parallax scrolling and its effects on SEO with some great points, audit results and example sites.


My $45,300 Mistake: How Text Drives More Traffic Than Video Content

Neil Patel rues spending the average United States’ per capita income on Quick Sprout University – but there’s more where it came from. Watch this space.


Google Knowledge Graph Hacked through Wikipedia

Ben Cook stumbled on a huge gaffe when Google Knowledge Graph showed the comically “updated information” on the Wikipedia page for baseball team St. Louis Cardinals.


My Leaving SEO Post

Sniff, sniff. Sob, sob. Jill Whalen, veteran of 18 years in the SEO business, is bidding adieu. Read why here.


Myths About Link Building That Hurt Internet Marketing

What is the state of link building anyway? Are links still important? What’s a trustworthy link? Does social media help SEO? Can you get better links with a higher budget? One for you confused lot…


How 5 Large Consumer and B2B Brands Are Using Vine

Emily Bacheller, social media strategist at TopRank, has come up with some thought-provoking examples of what some big boys – Cisco, HP, Philips, Adobe, and GE – are doing with Vine.


PPC agency payment models: percentage of spend

Ben Potter scrutinizes the “Percentage of Spend” payment model for PPC agencies over at Econsultancy. He explains why you need clear objectives for this model to work and hit the right figures for a win-win situation.


An Open Letter to the Editors of Search Engine Journal

There was a time SEOs swelled with pride if their article was published on SEJ. Is it time to look the other way? Joel Klettke wonders, over at


Rendi il web un posto migliore! Partecipa alla mia campagna ‘I don’t endorse Google’

Are you a zealous Google Hater? Have a WordPress site? Join the “I don’t endorse Google” campaign, and install this sweet plugin that automatically adds rel=”nofollow” to all links to Google websites. Thanks, Andrea.


The Eagle is on holiday next week – he’s going to stuff himself up with Kaju Katli and Anjeer Rolls this Diwali. He’ll see you on Friday the 15th next. Until then, be good!