This Week in Marketing: Creating Content Marketing Strategy For Service Providers

In this episode, Sam and I overview how to set-up and implement a content marketing strategy for your brand.

Segment One begins by highlighting the value of setting realistic goals and KPIs. Avoid aiming for unreachable expectations and setting yourself up for failure by focusing on flashy stats and content buzz words. Your goals should be in alignment with your business’s foreseeable trajectory.

After reviewing the goals, Kevin and Sam explain buyer personas. As we talk about goals, we transition to setting up buyer personas. Listen to hear Kevin give examples of the steps a design agency might take to make these personas and how this related to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Need and the buyers’ journey.

The Second Segment further details the buyer’s journey and the steps within it.

  1. Discovery: Problem is recognized.
  2. Research: Problem has been researched and possible solutions are being considered.
  3. Purchase: A preferred solution is found, but buyer need further confirmation
  4. Onboarding: User experience is prioritized by buyer
  5. Evangelizing: Customers become loyal

Me and Sam then discuss how to uncover pain points within your business and how to approach mitigating them. Consider using online tools such as Ahrefs Question Tool in order to further research trending questions as well as patterns within customer reviews.

The creative aspect of content marketing is reviewed in Segment Three. Finding key influencers, trending topics, and other types of social listening are essential to this aspect of your strategy. Try online tools like Brand24, Buzzsumo, and Brandwatch to make things easier.

Sam, being a search engine optimization expert, has some valuable recommendations on how to use keywords with SEO intent.

Ending segment three is an of overview common brand voice archetypes:

  1. The Magician – Mystical, informed, visionary. Ex: Polaroid, Disney, Dyson.
  2. The Outlaw – Eccentric, daring, free-spirited. Ex: Harley Davidson, Red Bull, UFC.
  3. The Explorer: Bold, adventurous, confident. Ex: GoPro, Jeep, The North Face.
  4. The Hero: Selfless, sincere, modest. Ex: Nike, FedEx, Duracell.
  5. The Everyman – Personable, casual, approachable. Ex: Toyota, Gap, Budweiser.
  6. The Caregiver – Generous, concerned, sympathetic. Ex: Charity Water, Johnson & Johnson.
  7. The Innocent – Humble, hopeful, happy-go-lucky. Ex: Dove, Coca-Cola.
  8. The Creator – Sensitive, inspirational. Ex: Tesla, Apple.
  9. The Sage – Wise, trustworthy, assuring, educational. Ex: BBC, Google
  10. The Ruler – Direct, refined, commanding. Ex: Rolex, Mercedes.
  11. The Jester – Playful, Fun-loving, optimistic. Ex: MailChimp, Old Spice.
  12. The Lover – Empathetic, seductive, glamorous. Ex: Godiva, Jaguar, Victoria’s Secret.

For the show’s conclusion, Sam and I talk about why and how to create a content marketing calendar and the importance of sticking to schedule. They touch on guest post etiquette as well as the number of on-site posts that your brand should aim for. Spoiler Alert: “I stumbled across your website and….” Is not going to cut it.

Stay tuned for Part Two of this episode where they discuss content format and how and where to distribute it.

About the Hosts:

Kevin SvecKevin Svec’s background in journalism and content writing led him to become E2M Solutions Inc’s Chief Content Strategist. Kevin enjoys working on his travel website, Impulsive Wanderlust. He recently wrote about Elephant Sanctuaries in the Tourism industry. When he’s not blogging or content creating, you can catch Kevin rock climbing, or hanging out at the beach.

SamSam Wheeler is This Week in Marketing’s co-host as well as a digital marketing expert. Sam has helped both fortune 500 and local small businesses alike optimize their brand strategy.

  • Kevin Svec is a chief content strategist at E2M. He spends his days researching and helping businesses produce compelling content that resonates with audiences of all interest levels. When he’s not rock climbing or hanging out at one of San Diego’s many beaches, Kevin is writing for Impulsive Wanderlust, a travel and leisure website he founded.