10 Content Tools to Bury Your Competition With

As much as it pains us to say, content marketing is, in a sense, a popularity contest. However, it also works to level the playing field – meaning that tiny startups are given a legitimate chance to compete with industry giants to produce unique content and provide value on a global scale.

Generally speaking, marketing is a field in which there are VERY few guarantees. One of the only factors that will remain constant is the presence of competition. As many content experts will tell you, the name of the game is putting in the right amount of research and finding innovative ways to put your material above everyone else’s.

There are MANY factors that play into this concept. Let’s talk about ten tools to consider for giving your content that extra boost in garnering widespread attention.

1. Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator

There is plenty of scientific research available on what it takes to create an attention-grabbing headline. In the age of internet, the harsh reality is that the old saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover” no longer applies. The truth of the matter is people these days are exposed to more information than they know what to do with. As a result, it doesn’t matter how great your content is, it needs a headline that catches the average reader’s eye.

Enter Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator. As many writers know, coming up with topics can sometimes be the most difficult part of the job. Luckily, this tool can significantly alleviate frustration and jumpstart the ideation phase.

Simply type in words relating to your subject matter, and Hubspot will do the rest to come up with a list of enticing headline ideas.

I recommend using this tool as a jumping off point. Once you have some basic ideas, adjust the title to fit with your goals for each piece.

2. Grammarly

In a world powered by devices equipped with spell check and autocorrect, the bar for using proper grammar is set quite high. Everyone wants their content to sound clean and professional. If you are using it to sell a product or service, one small typo or grammatical error can could potentially cost you big.

Even the smallest mishaps can result in customers’ losing trust in your brand.

Grammarly is an extremely useful tool for catching any and all the tiny mistakes you accidentally make. There is even an extension you can add to your browser to ensure your writing is error-free. The program is equipped to fix over 250 types of common errors.

Writing brand material needs to be flawless every time. Even the best creators can miss tiny mistakes. After all, we’re not robots. Luckily, Grammarly is there to make sure nothing slips through the cracks.

3. Readability Test Tool

If you’ve been crafting content for a while, it’s quite simple to get familiar with your own style to a point where everything sounds perfect. This is why we need the help of readability tools to keep us humble.

In addition to your own, having another set of eyes looking at your content is essential for making sure it’s consumable for the masses.

This tool allows you test your material by:

  • URL
  • Direct input
  • Referrer

From here, it gives you all sorts of data about your piece, as well as advice on how to interpret the results. The best content is easy to read and absorb. Using this tool ensures you are producing for the target viewer.

4. TalkWalker

A big piece of the puzzle, that is content marketing, is knowing how to address trending issues throughout your respective industry. To master this task, you must keep up on the hot button topics.

While many have their grievances about social media, it makes this job unbelievably easy. Talkwalker enables you to mine critical social data to pinpoint relevant conversations for content inspiration. The tool gathers crucial information from all over the globe finding the most talked-about topics pertaining to a certain niche.

For example, the hashtag tracking function shows the top performing discussion topics to help guide your approach.

Keep in mind, content creation is all about writing for the user. Regardless of how interesting you think a subject is, consumers on the other side of the spectrum might not find it relevant.

To stay ahead of the curve, you must be able to identify what is trending your field and find creative ways to offer solutions.

5. Canva

Humans are visual creatures by nature. Some reports have even claimed that people process images as much as 60,000 times faster than text.

Regardless of how much merit this claim holds, the message is simple: visual effects need to be a core aspect of your content.

The key to using visuals in brand messaging is making them unique. Being that not everyone is a design wiz, Canva makes it overly simple to create top-notch images to draw attention.

On the platform, you can upload your own pictures and edit them with a wide range tools. Or, you can choose from their extensive library. Some of the images cost money, but the free elements on the site are more than enough to get you started!

6. Social Jukebox

As most marketers will tell you, a good content strategy is consistent. Creativity tends to be an attribute that comes and goes in spurts. Once you are committed to a distribution schedule on social media, it can sometimes be difficult to come up with compelling posts every time you need to meet deadlines. When you are scrambling to get content published, the quality can wane.

So, if you are feeling a jolt of creativity, why not ride it out? If you have a particular morning where your creative brain is cooking up post after post, Social Jukebox is an awesome tool that allows you store all your primo updates and set a schedule for publishing them.

This tool lets you leave the technical aspect of social media posting to the robots, so you can free up time for creating content and interacting with followers. You know, the stuff that really matters.

7. ConvertKit

Email remains one of the most tried-and-true content outlets in the entire marketing mix. According to Campaign Monitor, for every dollar spent, email generates $38 – providing the highest ROI of any channel.

With numbers like this, content marketers must take the time to find and invest in the best solution for their business.

If you plan on sinking a significant portion of your time into blogging, ConvertKit is one the best email marketing tools available. The thing that sets this platform apart is its mere simplicity. It operates under the philosophy that with less glamour and glitz in your emails, the easier it is to consume.

The theme of simplicity goes beyond the emails themselves. The dashboard is purposely made with a high degree of user-friendliness so there is nothing left to question.

This graph shows you a detailed analysis of your subscribers, and where they came from to see your material.
From landing page creation, to forms, to automated sequences, ConvertKit is truly a heavy blogger’s most powerful weapon.

8. Klout

Great content marketers tend to keep their heads on a swivel. A “swivel” meaning they keep a close eye on what competitors are posting about across the web. This is necessary to come up with interesting ways to top them.
These days, nearly everyone is working their tails off to produce high-quality content. In turn, observing ALL of the competition is nearly impossible. That is why tools like Klout are essential for gaining the proper insights on the most sharable content.

This resource scans social media for most compelling topics being published and provides:

  • Suggestions of material your competitors have not yet written about.
  • Insights on what your audience is currently interested in.
  • Measurements and analytics of how your content is performing across social channels.

This program is perfect for startups looking for ways to gain traction on social media right out of the gate.

9. Qualaroo

Growing a business through content marketing requires a great amount of data on the customer journey. Sometimes, to get the best information, you need to head straight to the front lines and ask your customers directly. One of the best ways to engage: surveys.

Qualaroo is a platform that takes surveys the next level. You can easily create targeted questions based on any aspect of your website from your blog section to the checkout page.

The goal of this program is to pinpoint the exact user intent behind each decision. From here, you can learn about how your target audience responds to the content of your website, and more importantly, how to improve it.

There are plenty of times where data itself can be a bit hazy in terms where exactly you need to take action.

This in-depth customer testing program can do wonders to give you the inside knowledge you need to create ultra-personalized brand content. Always remember, content marketing should be viewed as a constant working-progress based around user engagement. This tool lets you go straight to the source to get the insights you need.

10. BuzzSumo

Last, but certainly not least, BuzzSumo is a go-to content marketing tool for a number of different approaches. In addition to providing analysis on content performance, one of the most useful functions of this tool is locating the best influencers to help your campaign.

Influencer marketing is a subset of many content strategies. It can be one of the most effective ways to promote a brand to new communities.

By simply entering certain keywords related to a particular niche, BuzzSumo will show you the pieces of content with the most engagement and who published it. This tool gives you an idea of both whom you should target, and who you are competing against.

Another great function of this program is the backlinks tool.

This shows you the websites of which are linking to the most popular pieces of content across the web. Once your content piece is completed, these insights show you the best sites to reach out to for (hopefully) gaining a valuable link of your own.

As far as content goes, BuzzSumo should be one of the top resources to consider. You’ll be shocked at how easy it is to use!

Wrapping Up

Content marketing does not appear to going anywhere any time soon. In fact, the competition only appears to getting more intense as time goes on.

Content is something that is relatively easy to produce, but difficult to be profoundly impactful with. Keep in mind, no tool will guarantee that you see fruitful results. They will only give you the means to set yourself up for success. By combining a superior level of ingenuity, creativity, and the right resources, your competition won’t stand a chance. Good luck!

  • Manish Dudharejia is the Founder & CEO of E2M Solutions, a full service digital agency specialized in Website Design & Development, eCommerce, SEO, Content Marketing, and Copywriting.