As a Full Service Digital Agency, making sure that our clients’ websites are designed and developed keeping in mind their usability, accessibility and crawlability is one of our primary tasks.

A peer-reviewed study led by Elizabeth Sillence conclusively demonstrated that design is crucial when it comes to building trust. When consumers were asked why they didn’t trust websites, 94 percent of them cited design-related issues.

Your website’s design, navigation and functionality affect not only your branding, but also your SEO, traffic, conversion rates, credibility, and ultimately sales. In short, your online presence depends on your design. Marketing your products and services becomes a lot easier when your website assists, rather than hinders, your efforts.

Here are some common problems:

We offer solutions to these problems by bringing in graphic design specialists and performing usability testing to perfect your user interface and build trust with consumers.

Google has their own idea of an internet user behaves, what she expects, and whom she trusts. They even have a “Reasonable Surfer” patent that they use to help determine the value of URLs on the basis of these assumptions. With a barrage of updates and filters applied to the search algorithm, coupled with a “now-we-crawl-it, now-we-don’t” approach to JavaScript and other web technologies, modifying your website to Google’s whims is an uphill task.

Which is where we come in. With an in-house team of designers, developers, testers and UX consultants who work closely with our SEO, content and digital marketing experts, you can expect the best of both worlds and rest assured your brand is in safe hands.


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