Don’t Just Stand There Looking at Your Competition Running Away with All Your Customers.

Use the PPC Boost to Beat Them at Their own Game.

This internet advertising model is always recommended if you want to drive instant traffic to your website and improve its sales, OR if you want to grow your existing online business in double quick time.

Our PPC Advertising Services include:

PPC Campaign strategy

  • Daily/Monthly Budget
  • Choosing the PPC Advertising Platforms/Channels to Utilize Based on the
  • Total Spending Budget
  • Targeted Market/Audience
  • Targeted Services/Products to Sell
  • Maximum Estimated Avg. CPC (Cost Per Click)

PPC Campaign Setup & Management

  • Deep Keyword Research and Analysis plus Estimated Avg. CPC for Each Keyword
  • Multiple Campaigns and Ad-Groups Creation
  • Strong Call to Action Ad-Copy Creation (Text & image/banner ads both)
  • Campaign Settings (includes time zone, targeted regions, specific time of the day, search or content network or both, placement specific)
  • Bidding and Budget Management
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • Improving Keyword Quality Score
  • Goal Conversion Funnel Setup and Code Integration
  • Monitoring ROI & Generating Timely Reports

We use the industry's best PPC tools

to create and manage our client's PPC Campaigns with supreme effectiveness that ensures greater profits and improved business growth.


We have proven experience in managing the PPC campaigns of big brands across multiple PPC advertising platforms including, but not limited to:


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