In January of 2014, the head of Google’s spam team warned marketers that they shouldn’t use guest blogging to build links for SEO. We’ve been prepared for this for quite some time. Here is what our guest blogging page used to say:

At E2M, we view guest blogging not only from the perspective of gaining high quality links, but also as a way to reach out to potential prospects and build brand recognition.

This commitment is more important now than ever.

We have always focused on guest blogging strategies that will earn you a profit even if the search engines ignore the links. This doesn’t just mean we “abide by Google’s terms of service,” it means that we can bring you immediate results that will boost revenue.

We use guest posts to put you in front of dedicated, relevant audiences, to grow your following, and to build lasting business.

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Guest blogging is one of the most powerful ways to reach a growing audience, but it’s rarely worth the effort unless you’re doing it with more than SEO in mind. We have years of experience earning guest posts on top blogs. Get in touch and we’ll talk about the strategy that will work best for you.


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