E2M brings you a full range of digital marketing consulting services to generate a high degree of brand awareness. By adopting an innovative, analytical and research-driven approach, we create integrated online marketing strategies that help you target a wider audience and grow your business footprint.


Search engine optimization isn’t just about improving your visibility in search results. It’s about building influential relationships, loyal customers, and finding new audiences. Smart SEO strategies aren’t designed strictly to manipulate search results; they are designed to benefit your business even if the search engines ignore your efforts.

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Google Penalty Recovery

We have helped several clients recover from Google penalties and algorithmic demotions. By approaching these losses with holistic marketing strategies, we sometimes restore previous traffic levels even before the penalty is lifted or the next algorithm update is rolled out.

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Paid Search Marketing (PPC)

With smart keyword research and targeting, we work to send you the most profitable traffic at the lowest price using paid search traffic. Unlike many PPC professionals, we put the focus on audience retention, transforming these visits not just into immediate sales, but into valuable long-term customers.

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Social Media Marketing

If you think shareability is the key to success on social media, think again. Social media’s true power lies in its ability to connect you with influential people, to connect you with your audience, and to connect your audience with itself. Academic research has proven that these activities produce revenue, and we know how to leverage this knowledge, and our personal experience, to bring you real results instead of temporary viral traffic.

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Reputation Management

Smart reputation management is preemptive. It’s about building and keeping trust so that when things go wrong, recovery is easy. We work to maintain a positive relationship between you and your customers, transforming your products into inelastic commodities.

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Content Marketing

Genuine content marketing isn’t just about capturing demand, it’s about creating it. We don’t just use content to expand your reach. We use it to transform curious consumers into loyal customers. It’s not just about borrowing time on influential platforms, it’s about becoming one yourself.

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Online Public Relations

Mainstream online media publications are some of the most powerful platforms you can use to expand your reach, but it is often impossible to achieve this kind of exposure by writing a guest article or sending an email. Public relations in the modern era is less about what you say, and more about what you do. Are you doing something newsworthy? We aim to help our clients earn and mediate media coverage using press releases and calculated outreach. These campaigns are typically based on “stunts” and initiatives that we can help you devise and make the most of.

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Startup Marketing

It’s surprisingly hard for startups to earn the exposure they deserve, even when the product is innovative, unique, and high in quality. We can help you earn press coverage, connect with influential personalities, and build a rabid fan base to transform your idea into a business.

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Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Most CROs misinterpret the whole “test one thing at a time” mantra. We recognize that this applies to ideas, strategies, psychological principles, and objections, as opposed to individual lines of text and button colors. CRO isn’t about throwing things at the wall to see what sticks. It’s about finding out why your visitors aren’t converting, and fixing it.

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Business Blog Management

Here's a dirty little secret: it’s better to have no blog than a mediocre one. A mediocre blog isn't an asset, it’s a liability that pulls visitors off of your sales page and then bounces them off of your site. Most business blogs aren't successful, and there’s a simple reason for that. Successful blogs are not company diaries, news outlets, or places to post promotions and coupons. Blogs are consumer resources, and their goal is to build a readership. We have immense experience making this work for ourselves and for our clients, and we would be happy to help you build a blog that matters.

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