E2M Eagle’s Eye – 03 Jan 2014


Happy New Year, folks! Hope 2014 brings you an eagle eye for detail and beak-sharp analytic skills! Let’s get a peek into what lay behind and what lies ahead in SEO, PPC, marketing and content. As a New Year gift, the Eagle has got us 12 nice ones instead of the usual 10. :)


7 Awesome Conversion Rate Optimization Case Studies To Kick Off The New Year!

In direct contrast to the 100 CRO Studies-type posts spawning everywhere, Tom Walker revisits 7 of the well-known ones and covers them in depth. These will stand you in good stead throughout the year (and beyond).


Deduping Keywords: How to Identify & Remove Duplicate Keywords from Your PPC Account

Duplicate keywords are a monstrous problem in PPC accounts. If you find yourself in control of (or more precisely, wanting to control) an unwieldy account, Erin Sagin has a quick recap of the basics here.


Talking BHAG With Rand Fishkin

Benjamin Beck finds out how Rand defines and gets consistently to his Big, Hairy, Audacious Goals. Some good inspiration for you noobs.


Foursquare Quietly Unlocks Its Own “Local Data Aggregator” Badge

David Mihm, who predicted that Foursquare would be bought in 2013, examines its role as a data aggregator moving forward, on the basis of its deals with Pinterest, Apple Maps and Instagram.


What Is SEO Going To Bring Us in 2014?

It took Tim Grice four months to blog again on SEO Wizz, but it was worth the wait. If you’d like an informed drift of where brand engagement, link building and guest blogging are going in 2014, eye this up.


The Best of Copyblogger: 2013 Edition

Another yearly collection from the writing, blogging and content giant. If you haven’t been reading Copyblogger, start NOW with these! Thanks, Sonia.


A World Without Links

Oliver Ewbank imagines the unspeakable! Can citations, authorship, social signals and brand mentions make up for links? Head over to Koozai for the answer.


R.I.P Last Click Attribution

Michael Wiegand throws the final lump of sand on LCA’s grave over at Portent. Read how he used Google Analytics’ Attribution Model Comparison Tool to determine better models for ecommerce and lead generation.


Content Creation Lessons from Growing 41,231 Newsletter Subscribers

Gregory Ciotti divulges how Help Scout has built a healthy cycle wherein great content drives up newsletter subscribers and vice versa. Visualise, present takeaways and keep talking, he advises.


The hidden secrets of Marketing

A hilarious exposé of what Google, Facebook, Twitter and other bigwigs plan to do in 2014 – all revealed to Gianluca Fiorelli by an NSA secret agent!


How to Connect With Your Customers

Resolve to serve your customers better and delight them even more this year! Neil Patel makes a (renewed) case for connecting with your customers. We just can’t get enough of the big deal!


The Best of 2013: The Top Posts and People on the Moz Blog

There are best lists, and there are best lists. But this, l and g, is the bestest of the bestest – top posts and top people on top blog! We aren’t surprised, but in case you didn’t notice, our very own Pratik is there too. :)



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