We have years of experience building and promoting websites online, and our teams are made up of specialists who can offer insights from a diverse range of perspectives. We can leverage this experience to audit your site and your promotional activities. Here are a few ways we can help:

Full SEO

Search engines are the most popular place people turn to when they do research online, and if your site isn't properly optimized, these people will not find you. SEO requires both technical and heuristic skills, and we can offer feedback on both.

Link profile audit

Links are the source of all referral traffic, and play an important part in search engine rankings. Unfortunately, if your link profile looks unnatural, search engines may penalize or demote you. We can review your link profile to locate potentially unnatural links, and to devise new promotional link building strategies that will put you in front of larger, more relevant audiences.

Penalty audit

If your site has been penalized by Google, we can identify the root causes, repair them, and get the penalty lifted. More importantly, we can help you create more holistic marketing strategies that will protect and improve your search engine rankings, as well as subsist without them. In addition, if you believe you are suffering from an algorithm update, we can help pinpoint the type of update it was, and remedy the core issues.

PPC audit

PPC (pay-per click) can be a powerful way to put your products and content in front of consumers, a strategy that is even more successful if it’s designed to capture and grow your audience. Unfortunately, most PPC campaigns are poorly optimized, and you will typically end up paying for poorly targeted visitors who will cost more than they are worth. We can analyze your targeting and help you decide where to spend the most money, in order to generate the most value.

Social media audit

Social networks are a powerful place for capturing a mainstream audience which can be cultivated into a loyal customer base. Unfortunately, most businesses emphasize “shareability” when the data demonstrates that the true source of revenue is interactivity. We can audit your social media strategy and suggest changes that will improve interactivity and measurable revenue.

Website content audit

Content is what attracts an audience, and more importantly, keeps it. We use our experience to audit your content for its ability to retain an audience, and to help you define a unique position in the marketplace of ideas.


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